Spec Miata is a popular class that originated in the United States. The category is intended to allow competitors to race in a low-cost environment by using a single marque with minimal modifications.

This year, the Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs Ontario Region introduced this concept and called it the Miata Canada Cup. The rules are similar to those used by the Sports Car Club of America and the National Auto Sport Association. Miatas and MX-5s manufactured from 1990 to the present are eligible, and based on their vintage and level of preparation, they are put into one of three classes.

  • MMC1 – These are the Miatas produced from 1990 to 2005 and have the Mazda designation NA or NB.
  • MMC2 – Miatas contrasted from 2006 to 2015 are placed in this category and have Mazda's NC designation.
  • MCCU—This is the unlimited division for 2016 or newer cars. It also includes vehicles modified beyond the MCC1 and MCC2 rules.

Restrictor plates are required on some of the newer, larger displacement vehicles to equalize engine performance. The transmission and final drive ratios remain primarily as delivered by the factory.

The suspension components must use the stock mounting points; however, shock absorbers, springs and sway bars may be upgraded. Based on the class, brakes, wheels and tires are subject to different regulations.

A car's final weight, including driver, is determined by engine code and displacement.

  • NA 1.6 liter engine – 2,275 lbs.
  • NA 1.8 liter engine – 2,400 lbs.
  • NB1 1.8 liter engine – 2,400 lbs.
  • NB2 l.8 liter engine – 2,450 lbs.

The 2024 season consists of four race weekends. During each event, there are three contests.

  • June 1-2 - Shannonville Motorsport Park
  • July 27-28 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • August 16-18 - Calabogie Motorsport Park
  • October 5-6 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

During the SMP Cup event, the Miata Canada Cup debuted on the Long Track at Shannonville Motorsport Park.  Races one and two were twenty minutes in length, while the finale was a twenty-five-minute contest.

The pace lap for race two of the Miata Canada Cup at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Twenty competitors enter the final turn for a twenty-minute contest on the Long Track layout. The No. 177 Can-Saf Auto Repairs Mazda Miata of Marlin Langeveldt is facing the field. On the outside of Langeveldt is Matthew Gidman driving the No. 02 Abandoned Rail Brewery Mazda Miata. Row two is occupied by the Miatas of Owen Clarke and Matt White.
It was a miracle to see Marlin Langeveldt enter the inaugural Miata Canada Cup. Just weeks earlier, Langeveldt was involved in an incident at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park that seriously damaged the No.177 Can-Saf Auto Repairs Mazda Miata. However, repairs were made, and the car was fast all weekend. The former Canadian Touring Car Championship competitor started each contest on the pole and went flag-to-flag for three victories.
The best-subscribed class at Shannonville Motorsport Park was MCC1, which boasted eighteen entries and provided the closest racing. Owen Clarke and Matt White were at the front of the category all weekend. Both drivers have extensive road racing experience. Clark pilots the No. 36 red green racing Mazda Miata. He started on the class pole for each contest and won the first two rounds. In the finale, Clarke finished behind White.
Matt White drove the No. 83 Mortimer Racing-prepared Mazda Miata. White is best known for his exploits in F1600, but most recently, he has completed in a Ford Mustang. He spent the SMP Cup event sparring with Owen Clarke. On Saturday, White chased Clarke to a runner-up finish in MCC1. The next morning, he grabbed another close second. However, in the finale, the pair swapped the class lead two times before White collected the win.
The unlimited category (MMCU) attracted five entries. Matthew Gidman's No. 02 Abandoned Rail Brewery Mazda Miata competed in this class. In addition to the Miata, Gidman gained racing experience in the Toyo Tires F1600 series. He opened the weekend at Shannonville Motorsport Park by qualifying third and inherited a runner-up result when Chantal Carter retired. Gidman collected two more second-place finishes.
Geoff Johnson arrived at the SMP Cup event with two cars. Johnson is a regular at regional races with a GT2-prepared Ford Mustang. This weekend, he also competed in the MCC1 class of the Miata Canada Cup with the No. 114 Johnson Forest Products Inc. / Powersports Garage Mazda Miata. Regarding the Owen Clarke / Matt White battle, Johnson was the best of the rest. He earned three third-place results.

11MCCUMarlin LangeveldtCan-Saf Auto Repairs / Mazda Miata10-
23MCCUMatthew GidmanAbandoned Rail Brewery / Mazda Miata10-
34MCC1Owen Clarkered green racing / Mazda Miata10-
45MCC1Matt WhiteMortimer Racing / Mazda Miata10-
56MCC1Geoff JohnsonPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata10-
68MCC1Huw LeahyPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata10-
710MCC1Taylor MahonPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata10-
811MCC1Matt Gauthier- / Mazda Miata10-
912MCC1Kevin ContyToprock.ca / Mazda MX-510-
1016MCC1Chelsea GiffinTWOth Autosport / Mazda Miata10-
1114MCC1Chad PeytonRilli Racing / Mazda Miata10-
1213MCC1Ken BroughCuravita Health Group / Mazda Miata10-
1318MCC1Stephen WestonK&W Autosports / Mazda Miata10-
1415MCC2Ron RheadRilli Racing / Mazda MX-59-
1520MCC1Ted MichalosTM Motorsports / Mazda Miata9-
1619MCC1Katherine De NottbeckMortimer Racing / Mazda MX-59-
1722MCC1Kevin KennyK&W Autosports / Mazda Miata9-
1821MCC1Megan LeahyPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata9-
1923MCC1Stephen SharzerTWOth Autosport / Mazda Miata9-
2024MCC1Stephen RocqueMortimer Racing / Mazda Miata9-
219MCCURobert TurnerCan-Saf Motorsports / Mazda MX-57-
227MCCUStephen Di CesareAirport Mazda / Mazda Miata6-
2317MCC1Mathew CrimiRilli Racing / Mazda Miata4Did Not Finish
242MCCUChantal CarterEcotecMiata / Mazda Miata0Did Not Finish

11MCCUMarlin LangeveldtCan-Saf Auto Repairs / Mazda Miata11-
22MCCUMatthew GidmanTM Motorsports / Mazda Miata11-
33MCC1Owen Clarkered green racing / Mazda Miata11-
44MCC1Matt WhiteMortimer Racing / Mazda Miata11-
55MCC1Geoff JohnsonPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata11-
68MCC1Matt Gauthier- / Mazda Miata11-
77MCC1Taylor MahonPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata11-
86MCC1Huw LeahyPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata11-
911MCC1Chad PeytonRilli Racing / Mazda Miata11-
1013MCC1Stephen WestonK&W Autosports / Mazda Miata11-
1112MCC1Ken BroughCuravita Health Group / Mazda Miata11-
1214MCC2Ron RheadRilli Racing / Mazda MX-510-
1310MCC1Chelsea GiffinTWOth Autosport / Mazda Miata10-
1417MCC1Kevin KennyK&W Autosports / Mazda Miata10-
1515MCC1Ted MichalosTM Motorsports / Mazda Miata10-
1616MCC1Katherine De NottbeckMortimer Racing / Mazda MX-510-
1718MCC1Megan LeahyPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata10-
1822MCCUStephen Di CesareAirport Mazda / Mazda Miata10-
1920MCC1Stephen RocqueMortimer Racing / Mazda Miata10-
2019MCC1Stephen SharzerTWOth Autosport / Mazda Miata10-
--MCC1Mathew CrimiRilli Racing / Mazda Miata-Did Not Start
--MCC1Kevin ContyToprock.ca / Mazda MX-5-Did Not Start
--MCCURobert TurnerCan-Saf Motorsports / Mazda MX-5-Did Not Start
--MCCUChantal CarterEcotecMiata / Mazda Miata-Did Not Start

11MCCUMarlin LangeveldtCan-Saf Auto Repairs / Mazda Miata13-
22MCCUMatthew GidmanTM Motorsports / Mazda Miata13-
34MCC1Matt WhiteMortimer Racing / Mazda Miata13-
43MCC1Owen Clarkered green racing / Mazda Miata13-
55MCC1Geoff JohnsonPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata13-
68MCC1Huw LeahyPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata13-
77MCC1Taylor MahonPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata13-
86MCC1Matt Gauthier- / Mazda Miata13-
918MCCUStephen Di CesareAirport Mazda / Mazda Miata13-
109MCC1Chad PeytonRilli Racing / Mazda Miata13-
1121MCC1Kevin ContyToprock.ca / Mazda MX-512-
1210MCC1Stephen WestonK&W Autosports / Mazda Miata12-
1311MCC1Ken BroughCuravita Health Group / Mazda Miata12-
1413MCC1Chelsea GiffinTWOth Autosport / Mazda Miata12-
1512MCC2Ron RheadRilli Racing / Mazda MX-512-
1616MCC1Katherine De NottbeckMortimer Racing / Mazda MX-512-
1715MCC1Ted MichalosTM Motorsports / Mazda Miata12-
1814MCC1Kevin KennyK&W Autosports / Mazda Miata12-
1917MCC1Megan LeahyPowersports Garage / Mazda Miata12-
2019MCC1Stephen RocqueMortimer Racing / Mazda Miata12-
2110MCC1Stephen SharzerTWOth Autosport / Mazda Miata12-
--MCC1Mathew CrimiRilli Racing / Mazda Miata-Did Not Start
--MCCURobert TurnerCan-Saf Motorsports / Mazda MX-5-Did Not Start
--MCCUChantal CarterEcotecMiata / Mazda Miata-Did Not Start

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