The very popular Super Production Challenge for production vehicles debuted in 2011. It has attracted large fields as the result of affordable racing, which has, in turn, generated close competition and captured the imagination of fans.

The Super Production Challenge offers amateur drivers a semi-professional environment which Auto Sport Quebec sanctions. Most races range from thirty to forty-five minutes in length.

The 2023 season consists of five race weekends.

  • May 19-21 – Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • June 2-4 – Shannonville Motorsport Park
  • July 7-9 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • August 4-6 – Grand-Prix de Trois-Rivieres
  • August 25-26 - ICAR

The series controls costs by limiting performance and balancing the power of different vehicles using weight, rev limiters, intake manifold restrictions and adjustments to other components. Series rules allow modifications to the engine, brakes and suspensions. All cars in the series are required to compete on Nankang AR-1 tires.

Drivers score points in one of three classes – Super Production, Production or Compact.

  • Super Production – Introduced in 2019, the larger displacement vehicles with no more than 300-horsepower compete in the Super Production group. The performance of these two-wheel-drive vehicles is monitored by GPS. Models in the category must have been produced within the past fifteen years. Cars commonly found in this division include the Nissan 370Z, Scion FRS, Honda Civic Si, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and BMW M235i.
  • Production – Performance is also monitored using GPS for vehicles competing in the Production division. They are also limited to models fifteen years of age or newer. The maximum horsepower output for these four or six-cylinder vehicles is 220. Four-cylinder engines up to two-liters may be turbocharged or supercharged. Cars often found in this class include Mini Cooper S, BMW 330i and Honda Civic Si.
  • Compact - The Compact class, introduced in 2012, is for vehicles with less the 100-horsepower. They are also monitored by GPS and subject to the same product year range requirement as the Super Production and Production categories. Included in this group are the Mini Cooper, Toyota Echo, Nissan Micra and Mazda 2.

Rounds four, five and six for the 2023 Super Production Challenge Series were held at Shannonville Motorsport Park during the SMP Cup weekend. Drivers would compete in three thirty-minute contests around Shannonville's Long Course.

The pace lap for round five of the 2023 Super Production Challenge at Shannonville Motorsport Park. The No. 05 Shelbourne Fuels Nissan 370Z of Nathan Blok is on the pole. Beside Blok is the No. 11 W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd. BMW 325i driven by Eric Hochgeschurz. Sharing row two are Todd Chiappino driving the No. 14 Velocity Motorsports Club Honda Civic and the No. 55 Team Red Green Toyota GT86 of Owen Clarke.
Owen Clarke collected the most Super Production points at Shannonville. Clarke, who drives the No. 55 Toyota GT86 Turbo, qualified second for round four and led the race before being passed by Kurt Wittmer. On Sunday morning, he was gridded fourth but moved into second early. An aggressive pass on Wittmer netted Clarke a penalty, but he grabbed the victory. In the afternoon, he collected his second win of the event.
Compact class rookie Cameron Nabert continues to impress. The newcomer won two of three rounds at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Nabert put the No. 69 Nissan Micra Cup on the category pole by over one second at Shannonville and was never threatened for the victory. It was more of the same on Sunday morning and afternoon. Nabert leads the Compact points chase by seventy-nine markers.
Another rookie delivering impressive results is Production class competitor Blake Kelley. The driver of the No. 41 Velocity Motorsports Club Honda Civic Si earned two victories and a runner-up result in the series' first weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. At Shannonville, Kelley would finish second to Sylvain Laporte on Saturday. However, he collected two more wins the next day and added to his points lead.
Kurt Wittmer opened his 2023 campaign with three Super Production victories in three starts. Wittmer put the No. 66 Honda Civic Type R on the pole for race one at Shannonville. He lost the lead on lap one to Owen Clarke, but retook the spot and grabbed the win. Wittmer led round five until late-race contact with Clarke caused him to run off track and finish second. In the finale, he collected another runner-up result.
Veteran Production class competitor Sylvain Laporte opened his weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park with a victory and ended it with a DNF. Shannonville would allow the No. 50 LAPSE Motorsports Mini Cooper Challenge driver to redeem himself. In round four, Laporte would go flag-to-flag for the class victory. In Sunday's contests, he collected a pair of second-place finishes.
With Cameron Nabert so dominant in the Compact division, the races this weekend were for second place. Zack Lalonde drives the No. 7 Xtreme Motorsports Honda Fit and qualified fourth in class for race one at Shannonville. Steady progress during the race was rewarded with a third. The next day Lalonde finished in the runner-up position and in the weekend's last contest, he earned the final spot on the podium.
Super Production competitor Gabriel Lacombe drove the No. 03 Honda Civic Si. Lacombe grabbed two runner-up results and a third-place finish in the season opener. He was still on form when the series visited Shannonville. Unable to match the leader's pace, Lacombe qualified and finished third in round four. An issue in race two caused him to finish thirty-seventh. However, Lacombe bounced back and earned a third in the finale.
Former Nissan Micra Cup competitor Frederic Bernier entered the Super Production Challenge series in the No. 28 Nissan Micra Cup. Bernier collected a pair of runner-up results in the first weekend of the series. However, his string of good luck ended at Shannonville Saturday afternoon. Bernier retired at the hairpin after the engine light came on. With the issue resolved for Sunday, he earned second and third-place finishes.

11Super ProductionKurt WittmerHonda Civic Type R16-
22Super ProductionOwen ClarkeToyota GT86 Turbo16-
33Super ProductionGabriel LacombeHonda Civic Si16-
44Super ProductionChristopher BernierBMW 323i16-
55Super ProductionTodd ChiappinoHonda Civic Si16-
66Super ProductionMarc HerouxChevrolet Camaro RS16-
77Super ProductionOlivier BédardNissan 370Z16-
88Super ProductionCharles-André BilodeauFord Mustang Ecoboost16Penalty
99Super ProductionNathan BlokNissan 370Z16-
1010Super ProductionEric ChaputNissan 370Z16-
1111Super ProductionShelby MillsVolkswagen Jetta GLI16-
1212Super ProductionMichael HabrichNissan 370Z16-
1313Super ProductionGuillaume LabbeHonda Civic Type R16-
1414Super ProductionNelson ChanNissan 370Z16-
151ProductionSylvain LaporteMini Cooper S Challenge16-
1615Super ProductionSylvain OuelletNissan 370Z16-
172ProductionBlake KelleyHonda Civic Si16-
183ProductionConnor BellToyota GT8616-
1916Super ProductionAlex HabrichNissan 370Z16-
204ProductionYannick LupienMini Cooper JCW16-
215ProductionMarc-Andre BourdagesHonda Civic Si16-
226ProductionVincent DesautelsHonda Civic Si16-
237ProductionCrystel CharestMini Cooper Challenge15-
248ProductionEthan BellToyota GT8615-
251CompactCameron NabertNissan Micra Cup15-
269ProductionPerry WenerHonda Civic Si15-
272CompactNathan MutchToyota Echo Cup15-
283CompactZack LalondeHonda Fit15-
294CompactEtienne Samson LaflammeToyota Echo Cup15Penalty
305CompactSteve MontminyNissan Micra15-
316CompactMario BerthiaumeNissan Micra Cup14-
327CompactEric CoulombeChevrolet Sonic14Penalty
338CompactCindy PicotteNissan Micra Cup14-
349CompactYannick SimardMini Cooper14-
3510CompactMaika ChamberlandHonda Fit14-
3611CompactStephane DayNissan Micra Cup14-
3717Super ProductionEric HochgeschurzBMW 325i13Mechanical
3818Super ProductionJacques GravelBMW 330i13-
3910ProductionNora JordanSubaru BRZ13-
4012CompactRichard FoegeleHonda Fit10Suspension
4113CompactFrédéric BernierNissan Micra Cup6Off Course
4219Super ProductionPaul MorinPontiac Solstice GXP4Mechanical
--ProductionGraydon GoodridgeSubaru BRZ-Did Not Start

11Super ProductionOwen ClarkeToyota GT86 Turbo15-
22Super ProductionKurt WittmerHonda Civic Type R15-
33Super ProductionOlivier BédardNissan 370Z15-
44Super ProductionTodd ChiappinoHonda Civic Si15-
55Super ProductionMarc HerouxChevrolet Camaro RS15-
66Super ProductionShawn BernierBMW 323i15-
77Super ProductionCharles-André BilodeauFord Mustang Ecoboost15-
88Super ProductionEric HochgeschurzBMW 325i15-
99Super ProductionGuillaume LabbeHonda Civic Type R15-
1010Super ProductionShelby MillsVolkswagen Jetta GLI15-
1111Super ProductionEric ChaputNissan 370Z15-
1212Super ProductionNelson ChanNissan 370Z15-
131ProductionBlake KelleyHonda Civic Si15-
1413Super ProductionSylvain OuelletNissan 370Z15-
152ProductionSylvain LaporteMini Cooper S Challenge15-
163ProductionMarc-Andre BourdagesHonda Civic Si15-
1714Super ProductionAlex HabrichNissan 370Z15-
184ProductionYannick LupienMini Cooper JCW15-
195ProductionCrystel CharestMini Cooper Challenge14-
206ProductionConnor BellToyota GT8614-
211CompactCameron NabertNissan Micra Cup14-
227ProductionPerry WenerHonda Civic Si14-
232CompactZack LalondeHonda Fit14-
243CompactFrédéric BernierNissan Micra Cup14-
254CompactNathan MutchToyota Echo Cup14-
265CompactEric CoulombeChevrolet Sonic14-
276CompactRichard FoegeleHonda Fit14-
287CompactMaika ChamberlandHonda Fit14-
298CompactCindy PicotteNissan Micra Cup14-
309CompactSteve MontminyNissan Micra14-
3110CompactMario BerthiaumeNissan Micra Cup14-
3211CompactAlex DonnellyMini Cooper14-
3312CompactEtienne Samson LaflammeToyota Echo Cup14Penalty
3413CompactStephane DayNissan Micra Cup14-
358ProductionNora JordanSubaru BRZ13-
3615Super ProductionMichael HabrichNissan 370Z12Overheating
3716Super ProductionGabriel LacombeHonda Civic Si12Ball Joint
3817Super ProductionNathan BlokNissan 370Z5Fuel Pick-up
399ProductionVincent DesautelsHonda Civic Si3Spindle
4010ProductionEthan BellToyota GT860Mechanical
--Super ProductionJacques GravelBMW 330i-Did Not Start
--Super ProductionPaul MorinPontiac Solstice GXP-Did Not Start
--ProductionGraydon GoodridgeSubaru BRZ-Did Not Start

11Super ProductionOwen ClarkeToyota GT86 Turbo16-
22Super ProductionKurt WittmerHonda Civic Type R16-
33Super ProductionGabriel LacombeHonda Civic Si16-
44Super ProductionOlivier BédardNissan 370Z16-
55Super ProductionCharles-André BilodeauFord Mustang Ecoboost16-
66Super ProductionMarc HerouxChevrolet Camaro RS16-
77Super ProductionShawn BernierBMW 323i16-
88Super ProductionNathan BlokNissan 370Z16-
99Super ProductionEric ChaputNissan 370Z16-
1010Super ProductionGuillaume LabbeHonda Civic Type R16-
1111Super ProductionMichael HabrichNissan 370Z16-
121ProductionBlake KelleyHonda Civic Si16-
132ProductionSylvain LaporteMini Cooper S Challenge16-
143ProductionYannick LupienMini Cooper JCW16-
154ProductionConnor BellToyota GT8616-
1612Super ProductionNelson ChanNissan 370Z16-
175ProductionVincent DesautelsHonda Civic Si16-
186ProductionCrystel CharestMini Cooper Challenge15-
197ProductionPerry WenerHonda Civic Si15-
201CompactCameron NabertNissan Micra Cup15-
212CompactFrédéric BernierNissan Micra Cup15-
223CompactZack LalondeHonda Fit15-
234CompactMario BerthiaumeNissan Micra Cup15-
245CompactRichard FoegeleHonda Fit15-
256CompactEtienne Samson LaflammeToyota Echo Cup15-
267CompactNathan MutchToyota Echo Cup15-
278CompactAlyssa Voyzelle-MontminyNissan Micra15-
289CompactMaika ChamberlandHonda Fit15-
2910CompactEric CoulombeChevrolet Sonic15-
3011CompactYannick SimardMini Cooper14-
3112CompactStephane DayNissan Micra Cup14-
3213CompactCindy PicotteNissan Micra Cup14-
3313Super ProductionEric HochgeschurzBMW 325i13Mechanical
3414Super ProductionTodd ChiappinoHonda Civic Si10Mechanical
3515Super ProductionShelby MillsVolkswagen Jetta GLI7Mechanical
368ProductionMarc-Andre BourdagesHonda Civic Si5Mechanical
3716Super ProductionAlex HabrichNissan 370Z2Overheating
--ProductionEthan BellToyota GT86-Did Not Start
--Super ProductionSylvain OuelletNissan 370Z-Did Not Start
--ProductionNora JordanSubaru BRZ-Did Not Start
--Super ProductionJacques GravelBMW 330i-Did Not Start
--Super ProductionPaul MorinPontiac Solstice GXP-Did Not Start
--ProductionGraydon GoodridgeSubaru BRZ-Did Not Start

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