When the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) removed Sports 2000's National status, owners of these cars were required to comply with the new Prototype rules and make modifications or retire their vehicles. However, the Vintage Sports 2000 North American (VS2NA) group was formed and has given owners of Sports 2000 cars another alternative which is to compete in the VS2NA series.

The series consists of nine race weekends, with events in America and Canada.

  • March 31 April 2 - Virginia International Raceway
  • April 28 30 - Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • June 15 18 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • July 13 16 - Road America
  • July 28 30 - New Jersey Motorsports Park
  • August 11 13 Grattan Raceway
  • August 19 20 - Summit Point
  • September 1 4 - Lime Rock
  • September 15 17 - Watkins Glen International Raceway

In 1978, Sports 2000 cars made their first appearance in North America and were recognized as a National class by the Sports Car Club of America in 1980.

The cars are rear engine open-cockpit purpose-built prototypes. They are constructed by British and American manufacturers such as Lola, Swift, Tiga, Doran, etc. The chassis' are either an aluminum monocoque or tube frame design. All Sports 2000 racers are powered by a four-cylinder, two-liter single-overhead camshaft engine previously used in the Ford Pinto and Mustang. Fitted to the motor is a Hewland MK9 transaxle. Depending on the camshaft option, a vehicle must weigh no less than 1310 or 1335-pounds with the driver.

There are three classes in the VS2NA series Sports 2000 (S2), Vintage Sports 2000 (VS2) and Historic Sports 2000 (HS2).

The third weekend of the 2023 Vintage Sports 2000 North American series was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park during the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix. Drivers would compete in four races around the ten-turn 2.459-mile road course.

There were four races for the Vintage Sports 2000 North American competitors at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The first contest was held late Friday afternoon. Lap one and leading the field of twenty-two starters into corner four is the pole-sitter, Ben Sinnott, in the No. 5 Lola T90/91. Behind Sinnott is the No. 14 Lola T90/91, driven by John Thompson and Brent Grenert in the No. 76 Lola T90/90.
Ben Sinnott swept the opening rounds of the series at Virginia International Raceway and almost delivered the same results at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. The Sports 2000 competitor drove the No. 5 Lola T90/91 and won the first three races of the weekend; in the finale, he finished third. Despite his success, Sinnott is second in the standings because he skipped the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course event.
In the Vintage Sports 2000 category, local racer Jim Hallman matched Ben Sinnott's performance. Hallman, who drives the No. 98 Swift DB2, won three of the weekend's contests. He led his division in race three until the final lap, when he retired. Hallman finished fourth in class. He missed the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course rounds and left Canadian Tire Motorsport Park second in the points chase.
Brent Gernert was the driver who beat Ben Sinnott for the overall and Sports 2000 win. Gernert drives the No. 76 Lola T90/90. He opened his season at Virginia International Raceway with fourth-place points. However, Gernert was the only entry at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course a poor weather forecast caused his competitors to pass on the event. After three events, he leads the class by a margin of thirty-eight points.
The oldest car in the field was the No. 18 Historic Sports 2000 entry of Tomas R. La Costa. La Costa pilots a 1978 Lola T492. He was fourth in the standings based on his results at Virginia International Raceway. However, the leaders Davis Jones, Thomas Kane and Peter Krause weren't entered at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. La Costa grabbed a pair of victories and runner-up results at this event to take the points lead.
John Thompson left the season opener at Virginia International Raceway, second in the title hunt for the Sports 2000 class, but dropped down the order after missing the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course rounds. The No. 14 LolaT91/90 driver collected a pair of runner-up finishes and third-place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Unfortunately, he was the first retirement in race two and is currently third in the standings.
Vintage Sports 2000 competitor Rhett Merriman started his 2023 Vintage Sports 2000 North American season at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Merriman is the driver of the No. 44 Lola T598. In race one, he finished tenth overall and second in class. Issues in the second contest saw him retire after eight laps. In the next race, Merriman inherited the victory when Jim Hallman retired. In the finale, he finished second.
There were just three Historic Sports 2000 entries at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. One of them was Robert Brady, who drove the No. 19 Tiga SC81. When the series arrived at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, he was tied for fifth in the class standings. However, the absence of the category leaders allowed his to collect valuable points. Brady grabbed two wins and runner-up finishes, which moved him to second in the title chase.

1S2Ben Sinnott1991 Lola T90/9116-
2S2Brent Gernert1990 Lola T90/9016-
3S2John Thompson1991 Lola T91/9016-
4S2Henry Payne V1989 Lola T9016-
5S2Rob Sherwood2003 Carbir CS216-
6S2Mark Coombs1990 Lola T90/9016-
7S2Samuel Payne1989 Lola T89/9016-
8VS2Jim Hallman1986 Swift DB216-
9S2Edward Guenther2017 Carbir CS216-
10VS2Rhett Merriman1985 Lola T59816-
11S2Rodney Kendall1987 Lola T87/9016-
12S2Henry Payne1989 Lola T89/9015-
13S2Joseph Moran1999 Carbir CS215-
14VS2Jack Freehoff1987 Swift DB215-
15VS2Greg Miller1985 Swift DB215-
16S2Robert Dusek III1986 Swift DB214-
17HS2Tomas R. La Costa1978 Lola T49214-
18HS2Angelo Savoia1980 Tiga SC8013-
19S2Robert Dusek II1992 Doran JE111-
20VS2Martin Hulick1987 Swift DB29-
21S2Lee Brahin1989 Lola T89/901Did Not Finish
22HS2Robert Brady1981 Tiga SC810Did Not Finish

1S2Ben Sinnott1991 Lola T90/9112-
2S2Brent Gernert1990 Lola T90/9012-
3S2Rob Sherwood2003 Carbir CS212-
10S2Henry Payne1989 Lola T89/9012-
5S2Mark Coombs1990 Lola T90/9012-
6S2Robert Dusek II1992 Doran JE112-
7S2Samuel Payne1989 Lola T89/9012-
8S2Edward Guenther2017 Carbir CS212-
9VS2Jim Hallman1986 Swift DB212-
10S2Joseph Moran1999 Carbir CS212-
11S2Rodney Kendall1987 Lola T87/9012-
12VS2Jack Freehoff1987 Swift DB212-
13VS2Greg Miller1985 Swift DB212-
14S2Henry Payne V1989 Lola T9011-
15HS2Robert Brady1981 Tiga SC8111-
16S2Lee Brahin1989 Lola T89/9011-
17S2Robert Dusek III1986 Swift DB211-
18HS2Tomas R. La Costa1978 Lola T49211-
19VS2Martin Hulick1987 Swift DB211-
20HS2Angelo Savoia1980 Tiga SC8010-
21VS2Rhett Merriman1985 Lola T5988-
22S2John Thompson1991 Lola T91/907-

1S2Ben Sinnott1991 Lola T90/9111-
2S2John Thompson1991 Lola T91/9011-
3S2Brent Gernert1990 Lola T90/9011-
4S2Henry Payne V1989 Lola T9011-
5S2Rob Sherwood2003 Carbir CS211-
6S2Henry Payne1989 Lola T89/9011-
7S2Robert Dusek II1992 Doran JE111-
8S2Edward Guenther2017 Carbir CS211-
9S2Samuel Payne1989 Lola T89/9011-
10VS2Rhett Merriman1985 Lola T59811-
11S2Lee Brahin1989 Lola T89/9011-
12VS2Jack Freehoff1987 Swift DB211-
13VS2Greg Miller1985 Swift DB211-
14HS2Robert Brady1981 Tiga SC8111-
15VS2Jim Hallman1986 Swift DB210-
16HS2Tomas R. La Costa1978 Lola T49210-
17VS2Martin Hulick1987 Swift DB28-
18S2Mark Coombs1990 Lola T90/907-
19S2Robert Dusek III1986 Swift DB22-
20S2Joseph Moran1999 Carbir CS21-
21S2Rodney Kendall1987 Lola T87/90-Did Not Start
22HS2Angelo Savoia1980 Tiga SC80-Did Not Start

1S2Brent Gernert1990 Lola T90/9014-
2S2John Thompson1991 Lola T91/9014-
3S2Ben Sinnott1991 Lola T90/9114-
4S2Rob Sherwood2003 Carbir CS214-
5S2Henry Payne1989 Lola T89/9014-
6S2Mark Coombs1990 Lola T90/9014-
7VS2Jim Hallman1986 Swift DB214-
8S2Edward Guenther2017 Carbir CS214-
9S2Lee Brahin1989 Lola T89/9014-
10S2Joseph Moran1999 Carbir CS214-
11VS2Rhett Merriman1985 Lola T59814-
12VS2Jack Freehoff1987 Swift DB214-
13HS2Tomas R. La Costa1978 Lola T49213-
14S2Henry Payne V1989 Lola T9010-
15S2Robert Dusek II1992 Doran JE110-
16VS2Martin Hulick1987 Swift DB29-
17HS2Robert Brady1981 Tiga SC817-
18S2Samuel Payne1989 Lola T89/904-
19VS2Greg Miller1985 Swift DB2-Did Not Start
20S2Robert Dusek III1986 Swift DB2-Did Not Start
21HS2Angelo Savoia1980 Tiga SC80-Did Not Start
22S2Rodney Kendall1987 Lola T87/90-Did Not Start

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