The British Empire Motor Club (BEMC) introduced a three-hour endurance race for Ontario GT Challenge competitors in 2005. The concept was popular with teams and attracted strong fields. It also drew a healthy contingent from Quebec.

The race is governed by many of the same rules used for the Pirelli GT Sprints series.

There are some rules unique to this format.

  • The car qualifies for the contest and any entered driver can start the race.
  • All cars are required to make a two-minute pit stop no earlier than thirty-minutes after the start and no later than ninety-minutes after the beginning of the race.
  • Refueling is permitted.
  • Trackside repairs are allowed, but only by the driver in the car at the time of the breakdown and they can only use the tools in the vehicle when it stopped.

The classes are set by using a bracket system. Teams are placed in one of five categories based on lap times GT1 (the fastest) to GT5 (the slowest).

  • Enduro GT1 1.26:999 and faster
  • Enduro GT2 1.27:000 and slower
  • Enduro GT3 1.31:000 and slower
  • Enduro GT4 1.35:000 and slower
  • Enduro GT5 1.40:000 and slower

This year's BEMC event was a one-hundred-laps in length and, similar to last season, only attracted twelve teams. It was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park's ten-turn 2.459-mile road course during the BEMC Late Summer Trophy Races weekend.

The first lap through Canadian Tire Motorsport Park's Moss Corner for the BEMC Late Summer Enduro. In the top spot is the pole-winning No. 77 Emzone Radical SR3 RSX, shared by Raffi Nalbandian and Kevin Poitras. Trailing the leaders is the second fastest qualifying No. 28 Kelly Smith Group Radical SR3 XX of Kelly Smith and Peter Neely. The event attracted twelve entrants, with one competitor failing to take the green flag.
The No. 77 Emzone Automotive SR3 RSX, used by Jonathan Woolridge to win this season's Emzone Radical Cup Canada championship, was shared by Raffi Nalbandian and Kevin Poitras. The pair started on the E-GT1 and overall pole. They led until the driver change midway through the contest. The duo never fell below third place and climbed back into the lead on lap-62. The drivers would win by a one-lap margin.
Last year's overall winners of the BEMC Late Summer Enduro, Rick Franczak and Jonathan Woolridge, shared the No. 09 Audi RS3. They returned this year, competing in the E-GT2 category with the same car. The Audi was gridded seventh overall and first in class for the start one-hundred-lap contest. The pair ran as high as second overall and would cross the finish in the class lead but five laps behind the overall winner.
There was just one car competing in the E-GT3 category at this year's BEMC Late Summer Enduro. The No. 18 Fawn Group Construction-sponsored Volkswagen Jetta GLI was shared by Shelby Mills and Cameron Nabert. They were gridded on the last row for the start of the event. The pair made several pit stops but were running at the finish. The duo crossed the finish line twenty-two laps behind the leader.
There were three entries in the E-GT5 category. One of these cars was the No. 115 Nissan Sentra piloted by Roger Pitter and Jeff Daley. The pair failed to record a time in the qualifying session and were gridded in the twelfth and final position. However, it seemed of little consequence as they were the fastest in class by over six seconds. The pair moved up the race order grabbing the E-GT5 win and finishing seventh overall.
Two Audi RS3 LMS from the FEL Sports Car Championship Canada participated in the BEMC Late Summer Enduro. Ron Tomlinson shared his No. 28 Audi with Megan Tomlinson. Co-driving the second Audi RS3 LMS were Nick Looijmans and Khalid Eidoo. The cars were initially classified in E-GT2. However, they exceeded the class's time limit during the race and were bumped to E-GT1.

11E - GT1R Nalbandian / K PoitrasRadical SR3RSX100-
22E - GT1K Smith / P NeelyRadical SR3XX99-
37E - GT2R Franczak / J WoolridgeAudi RS395-
43E - GT1G Kubay / R BurgessRadical SR394-
58E - GT1R Tomlinson / M TomlinsonAudi RS3 LMS94-
69E - GT1K Eidoo / N LooijmansAudi RS3 LMS92-
712E - GT5R Pitter / J DaleyNissan Sentra85-
811E - GT3S Mills / C NabertVolkswagen Jetta GL78-
96E - GT5B Rashleigh / D BassantToyota GTS77-
105E - GT5T Michalos / J HawkesPorsche 924s74-
1110E - GT2N Roussakov / D DugdaleHonda CRX Si21Did Not Finish
-4E - GT4Piotr NytkoVolkswagen GTI-Did Not Start

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