The 2022 Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA) National Championship Runoffs were held at Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia. This was second time the Runoffs were staged at this venue. The event would return to this track next year.

National Championships were determined on the eighteen-turn 3.27-mile road course. The contests would be fifteen-laps or forty-minutes, which ever came first.

The area was experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Ian and many of the races were run in wet conditions.

There are National Championships for twenty-six different classes. These race groups fall into one of nine different categories:

  • Production Category – There are three classes in the production category – E Production (EP), F Production (FP) and H Production (HP). These production-based vehicles are grouped according to their performance potential. Sports cars such as the Mazda Miata, Mazda RX-7, Mazda RX-8, Nissan 240Z, MG Midget, etc. are most often associated with this category. However, the rules also accommodate sedans such as the Honda Prelude, Datsun 510, Toyota Yaris, etc.
  • Grand Touring Category – Four classes, are identified as Grand Touring – they include Grand Touring (GT1), Grand Touring (GT2), Grand Touring (GT3) and Grand Touring-Lite (GTL). These vehicles are also grouped according to their performance potential. The quickest class, GT1 features car such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette while at the other end of the spectrum, GT-Lite includes the Mini Cooper and Honda Civic. These vehicles are allowed a larger number of modifications than the production category. For example, they may be constructed with a tube-frame chassis.
  • Touring Category – Four Touring categories, Touring 1 (T1), Touring 2 (T2), Touring 3 (T3) and Touring 4 (T4) was created by the SCCA to accommodate performance street cars with a minimum amount of modifications required to compete. Touring 1 includes the high powered and expensive vehicles such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, Porsche 911, etc. Also included in this group, is B-Spec which is the club’s slowest class. Modifications to these economy vehicles - Honda Fit, Mini Cooper, Mazda 2 - are mainly for safety purposes.
  • Super Touring Category – The Super Touring Category allows competitors to make modifications (the addition of wings, engine swaps, etc.) to late-model production vehicles such as the Mazda 6, Acura RSX, Honda Civic, Mazda Miata, etc. Within this category, there are two classes – Super Touring Under (STU) and Super Touring Lite (STL) for cars with an engine displacement of less than 2-liters.
  • Sedan Category – There is only one group in the sedan category – American Sedan (AS). American Sedan includes the Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang and Cadillac CTS-V. Powered by a Ford or GM engine these cars are permitted to utilize modified suspensions and upgraded brake packages.
  • Spec Miata – This very popular class is for the Mazda Miata (SM). Miatas produced from 1990 to 2005 compete in this group. Rules are implemented to equalize the competitive advantage of some of the later model years.
  • B-Spec – The Sports Car Club of America introduced the B-Spec category in 2013 for vehicles such as the Mini Cooper, Madza2, Chevrolet Sonic and Honda Fit.
  • Prototype Category – These are purpose-built closed wheel race cars. There are three classes within this group – Prototype 1 (P1), Prototype 2 (P2) and Spec Racer Ford Generation 3 (SRF3). Prototype 1 and 2 include a variety of chassis’ which may be constructed by the competitor or a race car manufacturer. There also a wide range of engine options used by the teams. SRF3 is a spec class and teams are not allowed to make any modifications.
  • Formula Category – These are also purpose-built race cars. This is the largest category and includes nine classes – Formula Atlantic (FA), Formula Continental (FC), Formula Mazda (FM), Formula Enterprise (FE), Formula Enterprise 2 (FE2), Formula 1000 (FB), Formula 500 (F5), Formula F (FF) and Formula Vee (FV). There are a variety of rules that govern these open wheel cars.

The first lap into the Left Hook for seventeen GT-2 competitors. Out front is the pole-sitter, Andrew Aquilante, in the No. 33 Phoenix Performance prepared Chevrolet Corvette. Behind Aquilante is the other front-row starter, Daniel Bender, driving the No. 36 Bravo Trailers Chevrolet Camaro. Trailing the leaders are Nissan 350Z of Tony Ave and Mark Boden driving the Wagner Custom Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cup.
The top two qualifiers in GT-2, Andrew Aquilante and Daniel Bender wasted no time opening a large gap on the field. Aquilante in the No. 33 Chevrolet Corvette and the No. 36 Chevrolet Camaro, driven by Bender, ran nose to tail for the next fifteen laps. Coming to the checkered flag, the two made contact allowing Bender to cross the finish line first. However, Bender was penalized two positions and the win went to Aquilante.
Last year, at Indianapolis, Sven de Vries claimed his first F500 National Championship after a race-long battle with the fastest qualifier, Ryan Mayfield. De Vries returned to defend his title, at Virginia International Raceway, in the No. 27 Suzuki-powered Novakar J9. He was gridded third for the start of the fifteen-lap contest but grabbed the lead going into turn one and never looked back to win by 85.832-seconds.
The pace lap for the H Production class and twenty-one competitors prepare for the start of their National Championship race. On the pole is Steve Sargis in the No. 18 Hoosier / Carbotech Triumph Spitfire. Beside Sargis is the No. 20 NGP Racing Volkswagen Golf driven by Chris Schaafsma. The second row is occupied by Will Perry in the No. 36 Honda CRX Si and Vesa Silegren also piloting a Honda CRX.
The first half of the H Production race was a battle between the No. 18 Triumph Spitfire of Steve Sargis and Chris Schaafsma driving the No. 20 Volkswagen Golf. The pole-sitter, Sargis, led laps one through five, with Schaafsma moving to the front on the sixth circuit. On lap seven, Sargis was back into first place, but while lapping a slower car, he went off course, allowing Schaafsma to go unchallenged for the title.
The second race on the 2022 SCCA National Championship schedule was Touring 1 and played out as expected. The eleven-time National Champion, Andrew Aquilante, qualified on the pole in the familiar No. 33 Phoenix Performance prepared Ford Mustang. Aquilante would lead the fifteen-lap race flag-to-flag lapping all competitors, but the second-place finisher, Mark Boden. This was his seventh Touring 1 gold medal.
Formula X was scheduled to be the last event on Friday; however, an oil spill in an earlier contest and the remnants of hurricane Ian delayed the proceedings. Officials decided that the class would be the first race on Saturday morning. On the original entry list, there were only three competitors. By the end of qualifying, there were four drivers. Winning the National Championship was Trevor Russell in the No. 15 Van Diemen.
Tran Am regular David Pintaric claimed the GT1 pole, but the second fastest qualifier and ten-time National Champion, Michael Lewis, led the first three laps. However, the defending class champion, Thomas Herb, was charging through the field from fifth place and passed Lewis on lap-4. The wet conditions appeared to favour Herb and the No. 16 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 won by a margin of 107.031-seconds.
Thirty B-Spec competitors head through the ‘Roller Coaster’ turns at Virginia International Raceway to start their National Championship race. On the pole is the No. 12 Black Hog Beer-sponsored Mini Cooper of Steve Introne. Sharing the front row with Introne is the No. 11 RP Performance prepared Mini Cooper driven by Richard Hromin. Behind the fastest qualifiers are David Daughtery and Matt Wolfe.
Mini Cooper drivers Steve Introne and Richard Hromin ran together on the test days to determine if they were quicker with Introne in the lead of Hromin. The answer was Introne in the No. 12 Black Hog Beer Mini. The two ran nose to tail in qualifying, with Introne starting on the pole and Hromin beside. They used the same strategy in the race. Introne won the gold medal and Hromin finished second in the No. 11 Mini.
Formula Continental is a family affair for the father and son team of Robert and Nolan Allaer. The senior has collected a pair of Continental titles. This year the honour would go to Nolan. The younger Allaer, who was at his second Runoffs, qualified on the pole in the No. 11 Martini / LTD Motorsports Van Diemen RF02. He spun on lap-1 and in challenging conditions, Nola caught and passed the leader on the final circuit.
A well-behaved group of Spec Miata competitors heads to turn one at Virginia International Raceway. On the pole is Danny Stey in the No. 39 Danny Angels / OPM Mazda Miata. Sharing the front row with Steyn is the No. 42 East Street Racing Mazda Miata driven by Preston Pardus. Steyn, who has three STL titles, would finish fifty-fifth in the fifty-nine-car field. Pardus, a three-time class champion, was eighth at the checker.
Connor Zilisch, who finished third in last year’s Spec Miata National Championship event, had a ‘full plate this year.’ Not only was Zilisch competing in the Sports Car of America’s National Racing program, but he was also participating in the Mazda MX-5 Cup and Trans Am Series. He qualified tenth fastest and grabbed the lead on lap 10. Unfortunately, Zilisch slid off corner one on the final circuit and finished thirty-eighth.
Nicholas Bruni finished second last season at Indianapolis in the Spec Miata division. This year the race was being held in his State, providing him with a home track advantage. He was eighth for the fifteen-lap contest in the No. 6 Mazda Miata. As expected, the race was wild, with five drivers taking turns out front of the fifty-nine-car field. Bruni would inherit the lead and win on the final lap when Connor Zilisch went off-course.
In five previous attempts, Jonathan Kotyk has finished on the Formula F National Championship podium four times, three of which were victories. In 2022, Kotyk was driving the No. 08 Honda-powered Mygale SJ14 that he used to claim last year’s gold medal. He qualified on the pole and was challenged by Theodore Burns on the opening lap. However, Kotyk would lead all fourteen laps for his fourth title.
Seven entries, but only six competitors started the Formula Atlantic National Championship race. Earning the top step on the podium was Alex Mayer. He drove the No. 77 Ford-powered JRD and started the fifteen-lap contest on the outside of the front row. The pole-sitter, Chip Romer, spun on the opening lap and retired. Mayer went unchallenged and collected his second National title by a margin of 35.024-seconds.
Early in the GT-3 contest, it appeared the championship would go to the ninth-place qualifier, Alex Mayer. Mayer moved to the front of the field on the second lap, but a black flag stopped the event and changed the completion of the race. On the restart, Tony Ave in the No. 44 Acura RSX, who had fallen to the rear of the field with a visibility issue, solved his problem and began his charge to the front for the victory.
The first lap of the Super Touring Lite race and twenty-two competitors exit NASCAR Bend and head for the Left Hook corner. At the front of the field are the second fastest qualifier and this year’s Super Touring Under champion, Joe Moser, in the No. 36 King Motorsports Honda CRX Si. Behind Moser is No. 9 Ocean Machinery Mazda MX-5 of the pole-sitter Danny Steyn. Trailing the leaders are Trever Degioanni and Greg Maloy.
After the early leader Joe Moser retired, the Super Touring Lite contest became a ‘two horse race’ between the pole-sitter Danny Steyn in the No. 9 Mazda MX-5 and the No. 36 Honda CRX driven by Greg Maloy. Steyn had built a comfortable lead when on lap-12; the Mazda developed a transmission issue. Maloy was able to capitalize on Steyn’s misfortune and take first place and the title. Steyn finished second.
Bailey Monette was favoured to win the Formula Enterprise National Championship last year but fell short. On the opening lap, Monette moved into second. 2022 would be a chance for Monette to redeem himself. He qualified third fastest in the No. 5 Optech Monette LLC SCCA Mazda FE2. Ten circuits later, he grabbed the lead when Jason Conzo slid off the track and would win when the race finished under a yellow flag.
The fastest qualifier in Formula Vee was Brian Farnham driving the No. 15 Silver Bullet FR-S. Farnham’s medal collection included a bronze in 2017 and a silver earned at last year’s Runoffs. He had a terrific start, but heading into the Roller Coaster turns, he was passed by the previous season’s class champion, Andrew Whitston. However, Farnham moved into first place on lap 2 and led the remainder of the event for the victory.
In his sixth attempt, Greg Gyann won his first Prototype 2 National Championship in 2020 at Road America. At this year’s edition of the Runoffs, he qualified second in the No. 83 Gycor International Stohr WF1 but grabbed the lead at the start. On lap 2, Gyann’s biggest threat, the pole-sitter, Tim Day, spun off at the Oak Tree turn and retired. Gyann would collect his second gold medal by a margin of 1.775-seconds.
The F Production pole-sitter, Eric Prill, in the No. 7 Maxton’s Fight would lead the opening lap of the National Championship race but fall off the track at NASCAR Bend on the second circuit. Prill’s error caused him to lose three positions. His chance for a third gold medal appeared out of reach. However, he began to reel in the leaders and passed the Acura Integra of Kevin Ruck on the final lap for the title.
The first seven races at the 2022 Runoffs were won by competitors who had already processed a gold medal. That would not be the case when the checkered flag flew for the Touring 3 category. Jason Ott has been at the front in Touring 3 for the last three years, collecting two runner-up results and a third-place finish. He qualified on the pole in the No. 09 BMW Z3, and lost the lead on lap one before regaining the position and the win.
Peter Shadowen entered two classes at the 2022 Runoffs – GT-Lite and Prototype 2. He was favoured to win the GT-Lite class despite the entry of multi-time National Champions such as Michael Lewis and Brian Linn in the race. As expected, Shadowen put the No. 72 Honda CRX on the pole with a new qualifying record. He would lead every lap of the contest to collect his fifth National Championship.
As predicted by SportsCar magazine, Joe Moser won his second consecutive National title in the Super Touring Under class. Driving the No. 36 King Motorsports Honda CRX, he qualified second. However, Moser grabbed the lead on lap-1, but on the following circuit, he was passed by Mark Liller. However, Liller dropped back on lap-3, which allowed Moser to take the top spot. Oil around most of the track caused Officials to flag the race.
Former World Challenge Tour Car competitor Chip Herr entered the Super Touring Under category, driving the No. 18 Carbotech Audi A4 and qualified in the seventh position. Unfortunately, transmission issues meant parking the Audi in favour of a Subaru WRX STI. As a result, Herr lost his starting position and started from the rear. However, he charged through the field for a second-place result.
With a car count of forty-two Spec Racer Ford Gen 3s, which included several former National Champions, it was expected to be a tight battle for the lead and victory. However, the position swapping occurred behind the eventual winner, Franklin Futrelle. Futrelle, who had one title in the Star Formula Mazda category, qualified on the pole in the No. 97 Meco Inc. Spec Racer Ford Gen 3 and led flag-to-flag for the win.
Lap-2 of the American Sedan National Championship race and Gregory Eaton in the No. 21 Ford Mustang leads the title contenders Kurt Rezzetano, Daniel Richardson and Clark Cambern into the Left Hook turn. Contact between Rezzetano and Eaton allowed Richardson to lead the following two circuits. On lap-5, Cambern was in first, but the next time around, Eaton was in front and would hold the position to the checker.
Jesse Prather won the pole in a very competitive E Production class by a margin of 1.016-seconds. The National Champion drove the No. 34 BMW Z3 convertible with backing from Sunoco fuel, Carbotech brakes, Hoosier tires and Amsoil oil. Prather was the first to corner one at the start of the fifteen-lap contest. He was able to maintain the top spot and stretch his lead for another gold medal.
Eighteen Touring 4 competitors charge towards NASCAR Bend for the first lap of the SCCA National Championship. At the front of the pack is the pole-sitter, John Heinricy, in the No. 86 Hoosier / Mobil 1 Toyota 86. Next to Heinricy is the other front-row starter, Devin Anderson, driving the No. 11 TechSport prepared Subaru BRZ. Behind the leaders are the Scion FR-S of Marshall Mast and Sergio Zlobin in a Mazda RX-8.
After a couple of attempts, Marshall Mast, driving the No. 31 Scion FR-S succeeded in making a pass that would stick on the pole-sitter and race leader, John Heinrich. Mast qualified third fastest in the Touring 4 category. Unfortunately, a poor start caused him to lose several positions. Then Mast began his charge to the front began. On lap-8, he grabbed first place and collected his fourth gold medal.
The defending Touring 2 National Champion, Kurt Rezzetano, put the No. 37 Phoenix Performance Ford Mustang GT on the pole. The Touring 2 drivers were faced with mixed conditions. Most of the track was dry; however, the critical Oak Tree turn was wet. It seemed of little concern to Rezzetano, who pulled away from the field and was in the lead when the race ended under red-flag conditions.
Another class with a low car count was Prototype 1, which had nine starters. Qualifying on the pole was Todd Slusher, followed by Jim Devenport and Chip Romer. All competitors started the race on dry tires; however, it was raining at the south end of the track. The two fastest qualifiers went off course, but Romer made it through. He made a strategic decision to pit for rain tires and charged through the field for the win.

GT1Thomas Herb / MercedesRyan McManus / CorvetteJeff Hinkle / Challenger SRT
GT2Andrew Aquilante / CorvetteMark Boden / Porsche GT3 CupDaniel Bender / Camaro
GT3Tony Ave / Acura RSXAlex Mayer / Audi RS3 LMSJeff Dernehl / Mazda RX-7
GTLPeter Shadowen / Honda CRXBrian Linn / Nissan 200SXJonathan Goodale / Mazda MX-5
E ProductionJesse Prather / BMW Z3Peter Norton / Lotus CaterhamJohn Hainsworth / Mazda RX-7
F ProductionEric Prill / Mazda MiataKevin Ruck / Acura IntegraCharlie Campbell / Mazda Miata
H ProductionChris Schaafsma / VW GolfVesa Silegren / Honda CRXSteve Sargis / Triumph Spitfire
Formula AtlanticAlex Mayer / JDR FordRod Rice / Stohr F1000Austin Hill / Ligier Crawford
Formula XTrevor A Russell / Van DiemenAustin Hill / Elan DP08Kevin Fandozzi / Mygale FC
Formula ContinentalNolan Allaer / Van DiemenTrevor Russell / Van DiemenSimon Sikes / Citation
Formula E2Bailey Monette / Van DiemenJason Conzo / Van DiemenTJ Acker / Van Diemen
Formula FJonathon Kotyk / MygaleTrevor Russell / Mygale SJ14Nolan Allaer / Van Diemen
Formula 500Sven de Vries / Novakar J9James Weida / Scorpion S1Eric McRee / NovaRace
Formula VeeBrian Farnham / Silver BulletZachary Whitston / ProtoformAndrew Thomas Abbott / Vector
Prototype 1Chip Romer / Elan DP02Jason Miller / WynnFurstTodd Vanacore / Elan DP02
Prototype 2Greg Gyann / Stohr WF1Lucian Pancea / Stohr WF1Peter Shadowen / West WX10
Spec Racer Ford3Franklin Futrelle / SRF3Charles Russell Turner / Spec Racer3John Black / SRF3
American SedanGregory Eaton / MustangClark Cambern / ChallengerKurt Rezzetano / Mustang
B-SpecSteve Introne / Mini CooperRichard Hromin / Mini CooperDavid Daughtery / Chevrolet Sonic
Spec MiataNicholas Bruni / Mazda MiataCharles Mactutus / Mazda MiataAxel Cabrera / Mazda Miata
Super Touring LiteGreg Maloy / Honda CRXDanny Steyn / Mazda MX-5Trever Degioanni / Acura Integra
Super Touring UnderJoe Moser / Honda CRXChip Herr / Subaru WRXAnthony Geraci / Lotus Exige
Touring 1Andrew Aquilante / MustangMark Boden / BMW M3Sandy Satullo III / BMW M3
Touring 2Kurt Rezzetano / MustangCharlie Peter / BMW M2CSTim Kezman / Porsche 996
Touring 3Jason Ott / BMW Z4Steve Ott / BMW Z4Marshall Mast / Mustang
Touring 4Marshall Mast / Scion FR-SJohn Heinricy / Toyota 86Devin Anderson / Subaru BRZ

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