Due to COVID 19, the last couple of years have resulted in fewer races and limits on spectator attendance. In 2022, the federal and provincial governments have lifted many of the restrictions, which means that the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series has a full race calendar and will see the return of fans.

The Toyo Tires F1600 Championship calendar consists of six weekends with each event hosting three rounds.

  • SMP Cup - Shannonville Motorsport Park
  • VARAC Vintage Grand Prix - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • OSCC Summer Classic - Calabogie Motorsports Park
  • Pinty’s CTMP Labour Day Weekend Sprints - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • BEMC Late Summer Trophy Races - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

The single-seater, open-wheel race cars in the championship are powered by one of two engine options - a four-cylinder, 1600-cc Ford engine or the 1.5-liter HPD Honda L15A7. Both motors produce approximately 120-horsepower. A mixture of European and North American chassis is used by competitors. Minimum vehicle weight is determined by the suspension design and ranges from 1050 to 1125-lbs. Teams are required to use a spec tire – the Toyo Proxes R888.

Drivers collect championship points in one of two groups.

  • F1600A – This category is for newer chassis’ built between 1995 and 2021. There are two engine options available the Ford or Honda.
  • F1600B – This group is for cars constructed before 1995. They are powered by the Ford engine.

The manufacture date for the individual car and not the model is used to determine the year split and whether a vehicle is categorized as F1600A or F1600B.

The penultimate weekend of the 2022 Toyo Tires F1600 Championship was held at the CTMP Labour Day Weekend Sprints. Drivers would compete in rounds thirteen, fourteen and fifteen on the ten-turn 2.459-mile road course at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Round fourteen on Saturday afternoon and the first lap through Moss Corner. The No. 2 Brian Graham Racing prepared Piper DL7 of the second fastest qualifier; William Ferguson leads the field. Behind Ferguson are three entries from the Britain West Motorsport stable. First up is the No. 66 Mygale SF13 of Jake Cowden, followed by Callum Baxter driving the No.65 Mygale and the No. 6 Mygale of Connor Clubine.
The weekend belonged to Britain West Motorsport's Jake Cowden. Cowden and his teammates skipped the rounds at the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix event to compete in the support event at the Canadian Grand Prix. Despite this decision, he was in contention for the title. Driving the No. 66 Britain West Motorsport Mygale SF13, Cowden won all three rounds conducted on the Labour Day weekend.
Californian William Ferguson took the point's lead early in the season. He added to his total at the VARAC weekend when the Britain West Motorsport team skipped the event in favour of the Canadian Grand Prix. Ferguson put the No. 2 Brian Graham Racing Piper DL7 on the outside of the front row for the weekend's first race and fell to third before finishing second. On Sunday, he collected third and fourth place finishes.
Britain West Motorsport's David Clubine drove the No. 6 Mygale SJ15. At the CTMP Labour Day Weekend Sprints, he qualified on the pole for race one by 1.229-seconds. Clubine would lead until the final lap when he was passed by Jake Cowden and William Ferguson. Sunday morning, he started fourth but passes by Ferguson and Callum Baxter resulted in a runner-up result. In the finale, Clubine collected another second place.
The first lap through corner one at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park for the weekend's final contest. Leading the twenty-six entrants is the No. 2 Brian Graham Racing Piper DL7 driven by the pole-sitter William Ferguson. Behind Ferguson is the Britain West Motorsport teammates Jake Cowden and Callum Baxter. Joining the front runners is the No. 35 Van Diemen RF01 of James Lindsay, who started fifth.
The F1600B championship leader was Bill Tebbutt, who drove the No. 82 Blue Dread Racing Van Diemen RF90. Tebbutt qualified sixteenth overall and fifth in the B class. However, he advanced six spots during Saturday's first event to collect the category victory. In the afternoon, Tebbutt was gridded twelfth overall and earned his second win of the day. On Sunday, Tebbutt was bested by Sean Johnston.
James Lindsay's best weekend of 2022 was during the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix event. He landed on the podium three times, with a third place in Saturday's race and a pair of runner-up results on Sunday. Lindsay qualified sixth fastest for the first race at the CTMP Labour Day Sprints in the No. 35 Britain West Motorsport Van Diemen and finished sixth in both of the day's contests. On Sunday, he finished third after starting fifth.
On Sunday at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, F1600B competitor Sean Johnston started on the class pole and in eleventh overall. The driver of the No. 8 Britain West Motorsport Van Diemen RF92 lost the class lead on lap-1 but fought back and retook the top spot on the final circuit for the victory. On the previous day, Johnston collected fifth place and runner-up results.

1F1600AJake CowdenMygale SJ13 / Honda12-
2F1600AWilliam FergusonPiper DL7 / Honda12-
3F1600AConnor ClubineMygale SJ15 / Ford12-
4F1600ACallum BaxterMygale SJ14 / Honda12-
5F1600ASam BakerSpectrum 012b / Honda12-
6F1600AJames LindsayVan Diemen RF01 / Honda12-
7F1600AConnor WaglandPiper DL7 / Honda12-
8F1600AConnor JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda12-
9F1600ACole JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda12-
10F1600BBill TebbuttVan Diemen RF90 / Ford12-
11F1600BMike DoddVan Diemen RF94 / Ford12-
12F1600BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF91 / Ford12-
13F1600BAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90 / Ford12-
14F1600AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF94 / Honda12-
15F1600BSean JohnstonVan Diemen RF92 / Ford12-
16F1600BDylan McPhersonVan Diemen RF93 / Ford12-
17F1600BMike LeeVan Diemen RF92 / Ford12-
18F1600BKieran MurphyVan Diemen RF91 / Ford12-
19F1600AVictor SmialekVan Diemen RF98 / Ford12-
20F1600BHenry KnoxVan Diemen RF94 / Ford12-
21F1600AByron LeisVan Diemen RF98 / Ford12-
22F1600AAvery BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda12-
23F1600BMichael StewartVan Diemen RF93 / Ford12-
24F1600AGerry KavanaughPiper DL7 / Honda12-
-F1600BJeff BatemanCitation 84F / Ford1Did Not Finish

1F1600AJake CowdenMygale SJ13 / Honda15-
2F1600AConnor ClubineMygale SJ15 / Ford15-
3F1600AWilliam FergusonPiper DL7 / Honda15-
4F1600ACallum BaxterMygale SJ14 / Honda15-
5F1600ASam BakerSpectrum 012b / Honda15-
6F1600AJames LindsayVan Diemen RF01 / Honda15-
7F1600AGerry KavanaughPiper DL7 / Honda15-
8F1600AConnor JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda15-
9F1600ACole JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda15-
10F1600AConnor WaglandPiper DL7 / Honda15-
11F1600AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF94 / Honda15-
12F1600BBill TebbuttVan Diemen RF90 / Ford15-
13F1600AVictor SmialekVan Diemen RF98 / Ford15-
14F1600BSean JohnstonVan Diemen RF92 / Ford15-
15F1600BMike DoddVan Diemen RF94 / Ford15-
16F1600BDylan McPhersonVan Diemen RF93 / Ford15-
17F1600BMike LeeVan Diemen RF92 / Ford15-
18F1600BHenry KnoxVan Diemen RF94 / Ford15-
19F1600AByron LeisVan Diemen RF98 / Ford15-
20F1600AAvery BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda15-
21F1600BKieran MurphyVan Diemen RF91 / Ford15-
22F1600BMichael StewartVan Diemen RF93 / Ford15-
-F1600BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF91 / Ford4Did Not Finish
-F1600BAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90 / Ford4Did Not Finish
-F1600BKari SaloVan Diemen RF90 / Ford3Did Not Finish
-F1600BJeff BatemanCitation 84F / Ford2Did Not Finish

1F1600AJake CowdenMygale SJ13 / Honda12-
2F1600AConnor ClubineMygale SJ15 / Ford12-
3F1600AJames LindsayVan Diemen RF01 / Honda12-
4F1600AWilliam FergusonPiper DL7 / Honda12-
5F1600AConnor WaglandPiper DL7 / Honda12-
6F1600ACole JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda12-
7F1600AConnor JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda12-
8F1600ASam BakerSpectrum 012b / Honda12-
9F1600ACallum BaxterMygale SJ14 / Honda12-
10F1600AGerry KavanaughPiper DL7 / Honda12-
11F1600BSean JohnstonVan Diemen RF92 / Ford12-
12F1600BBill TebbuttVan Diemen RF90 / Ford12-
13F1600BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF91 / Ford12-
14F1600BHenry KnoxVan Diemen RF94 / Ford12-
15F1600AVictor SmialekVan Diemen RF98 / Ford12-
16F1600BDylan McPhersonVan Diemen RF93 / Ford12-
17F1600AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF94 / Honda12-
18F1600AByron LeisVan Diemen RF98 / Ford12-
19F1600AAvery BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda12-
20F1600BMike LeeVan Diemen RF92 / Ford12-
21F1600BKari SaloVan Diemen RF90 / Ford12-
22F1600BKieran MurphyVan Diemen RF91 / Ford12-
23F1600BMike DoddVan Diemen RF94 / Ford12-
24F1600BMichael StewartVan Diemen RF93 / Ford12-
-F1600BAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90 / Ford2Did Not Finish
-F1600BJeff BatemanCitation 84F / Ford2Did Not Finish

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