The Toyo Tires F1600 Championship Series was scheduled to start its 2021 season in early June at Shannonville Motorsport Park. However, the pandemic prevented race events from starting until provincial restrictions were lifted. The revised calendar kicked off in June at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park as part of the VARAC Vintage Grand Prix. A month later, the series returns to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in conjunction with the BARC Canadian Touring Trophy Races. This event was followed by the championship’s only visit to Calabogie Motorsport Park. Teams are in action again on the Labour Day Weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The penultimate event occurs during mid-September at the BEMC Late Summer Trophy Races. The Celebration of Motorsports at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is the replacement for the weekend cancelled early in the season and acts as the series finale. A total of eighteen contests will be conducted during 2021 to determine category champions.

The single-seater, open-wheel race cars in the championship are powered by one of two engine options - a four-cylinder, 1600-cc Ford engine or the 1.5-liter HPD Honda L15A7. Both motors produce approximately 120-horsepower. A mixture of European and North American chassis is used by competitors. Minimum vehicle weight is determined by the suspension design and ranges from 1050 to 1125-lbs. Teams are required to use a spec tire – the Toyo Proxes R888.

Drivers collect championship points in one of two groups.

  • F1600A – This category is for newer chassis’ built between 1995 and 2021. Or, any car with a Honda Fit engine
  • F1600B – This group is for cars constructed before 1995. They are powered by the Ford motor.

The manufacture date for the individual car and not the model is used to determine the year split and whether a vehicle is categorized as F1600A or F1600B.

The second weekend of the 2021 Toyo Tires F1600 Championship was conducted at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Drivers would collect points in races four to six of the season on the ten turn 2.459-mile road circuit.

The pace lap through Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s turn ten and twenty-four competitors prepare to receive the Starter’s flag. On the pole is the No. 64 Britain West Motorsport prepared Mygale SJ14 of the rookie Nick Gilkes. Next to Gilkes is Sam Baker driving the No. 51 Kerr Industries Spectrum 012b. Occupying row two are Gilkes’ teammate, Jack Cowden and Baker’s teammate, Dean Baker.
Britain West Motorsport’s rookie driver, Nick Gilkes, had an impressive series debut. In his first weekend of the championship, he collected three podium results. Gilkes put the No. 64 Mygale SJ14 on the pole for race four and would lead the contest flag-to-flag. In the first event on Sunday, he added another second-place result to his total. In the finale, a miscue caused Gilkes to fall out of contention and finish seventh.
After six races in the 2021 championship, Sam Baker had scored four victories. Driving the No. 51 Kerr Industries/Baker Racing Spectrum 012b, he won races two and three during the first weekend. In the second visit to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Baker qualified second but could not match the pace and Nick Gilkes. On Sunday, he battled with Gilkes and Jake Cowden in both contests before earning a pair of wins.
Delivering an even better performance than Sam Baker in the first six races of the season is F1600B competitor Connor Clubine. Clubine swept the first weekend of the series in the No. 6 Britain West Motorsport Van Diemen RF91. He delivered the same results during the second stop at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. On Saturday, he was chased by Steve Bodrug, but Sunday’s victories were much more straightforward.
The opening weekend of 2021 was challenging for Dean Baker. His highlight was earning a fourth-place finish in round one. In the first race at the BARC Touring Trophy Races event, Baker was gridded fourth in the No. 52 Kerr Industries/Baker Racing Spectrum 015. He had a solid run in the damp conditions and finished third. Unfortunately, he fell down the race order in Sunday morning’s event and could not start the finale.
Jake Cowden's first weekend got off to a slow start, but he managed to earn the final spot on the podium by the last race on Sunday. His second 2021 visit to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park did not begin well. Cowden qualified third fastest for race four but was involved in an incident on lap one and did not finish. The next day was an opportunity to redeem himself and Cowden earned third and fourth-place results.
Johnathan Woolridge started his 2021 campaign with a victory in round one at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The driver of the No. 2 Brian Graham Racing prepared Piper DL7 was only ninth fastest in the qualifying session when the championship returned for race four and was involved in an accident of lap-1 of the contest. The next morning, Woolridge finished sixth but in the afternoon claimed the second position.
The second member of the Brian Graham Racing team, Jack Polito, also had a challenging qualifying session. Polito was gridded in the tenth position for Saturday’s race. Unlike his teammate, Woolridge, he avoided the first lap incident and finished in the fourth spot. On Sunday morning, Polito dropped out of contention and finished a lap behind the leaders. In the final race of the weekend, he collect a rostrum result.

1F1600ANick GilkesMygale SJ14 / Honda10-
2F1600ASam BakerSpectrum 012b / Honda10-
3F1600ADean BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda10-
4F1600AJack PolitoPiper DL7 / Honda10-
5F1600AConnor WaglandPiper DL7 / Honda10-
6F1600BConnor ClubineVan Diemen RF91 / Ford10-
7F1600BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF93 / Ford10-
8F1600ABrent McPhailVan Diemen RF03 / Ford10-
9F1600BAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90 / Ford10-
10F1600BMike DoddVan Diemen RF94 / Ford10-
11F1600BDylan McPhersonVan Diemen RF93 / Ford10-
12F1600AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF98 / Honda10-
13F1600ACole JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda10-
14F1600AJonathan BrooksVan Diemen RF00 / Ford10-
15F1600BSean JohnstonVan Diemen RF92 / Ford10-
16F1600BKari SaloVan Diemen RF90 / Ford10-
17F1600AByron LeisVan Diemen RF98 / Ford10-
18F1600BJeff BatemanCitation 84F / Ford10-
19F1600AAvery BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda10-
20F1600BCalvin CoeyVan Diemen RF94 / Ford8-
21F1600AJake CowdenMygale SJ13 / Honda1Did Not Finish
22F1600AJames LindsayVan Diemen RF01 / Honda1Did Not Finish
23F1600AGraham LobbanVan Diemen RF94 / Honda0Did Not Finish
24F1600AJonathan WoolridgePiper DL7 / Honda0Did Not Finish

1F1600ASam BakerSpectrum 012b / Honda15-
2F1600ANick GilkesMygale SJ14 / Honda15-
3F1600AJake CowdenMygale SJ13 / Honda15-
4F1600AConnor WaglandPiper DL7 / Honda15-
5F1600BConnor ClubineVan Diemen RF91 / Ford15-
6F1600AJonathan WoolridgePiper DL7 / Honda15-
7F1600AJames LindsayVan Diemen RF01 / Honda15-
8F1600ADean BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda15-
9F1600AGraham LobbanVan Diemen RF94 / Honda15-
10F1600ABrent McPhailVan Diemen RF03 / Ford15-
11F1600AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF98 / Honda15-
12F1600BAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90 / Ford15-
13F1600BDylan McPhersonVan Diemen RF93 / Ford15-
14F1600BMike DoddVan Diemen RF94 / Ford15-
15F1600AByron LeisVan Diemen RF98 / Ford15-
16F1600AJonathan BrooksVan Diemen RF00 / Ford15-
17F1600AJack PolitoPiper DL7 / Honda14-
18F1600BKari SaloVan Diemen RF90 / Ford14-
19F1600BSean JohnstonVan Diemen RF92 / Ford14-
20F1600AAvery BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda14-
21F1600ACole JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda13-
22F1600BJeff BatemanCitation 84F / Ford13-
23F1600BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF93 / Ford10-
-F1600BCalvin CoeyVan Diemen RF94 / Ford-Did Not Start

1F1600ASam BakerSpectrum 012b / Honda15-
2F1600AJonathan WoolridgePiper DL7 / Honda15-
3F1600AJack PolitoPiper DL7 / Honda15-
4F1600AJake CowdenMygale SJ13 / Honda15-
5F1600AConnor WaglandPiper DL7 / Honda15-
6F1600AJames LindsayVan Diemen RF01 / Honda15-
7F1600ANick GilkesMygale SJ14 / Honda15-
8F1600BConnor ClubineVan Diemen RF91 / Ford15-
9F1600AGraham LobbanVan Diemen RF94 / Honda15-
10F1600ABrent McPhailVan Diemen RF03 / Ford15-
11F1600AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF98 / Honda15-
12F1600BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF93 / Ford15-
13F1600ACole JaneteasSpectrum 015 / Honda15-
14F1600BMike DoddVan Diemen RF94 / Ford15-
15F1600BDylan McPhersonVan Diemen RF93 / Ford15-
16F1600BSean JohnstonVan Diemen RF92 / Ford15-
17F1600AByron LeisVan Diemen RF98 / Ford15-
18F1600BKari SaloVan Diemen RF90 / Ford14-
19F1600BJeff BatemanCitation 84F / Ford13-
20F1600AJonathan BrooksVan Diemen RF00 / Ford11-
21F1600AAvery BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda11-
22F1600BAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90 / Ford6Did Not Start
23F1600ADean BakerSpectrum 015 / Honda4Did Not Start
-F1600BCalvin CoeyVan Diemen RF94 / Ford-Did Not Start

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