The 2018 Toyo Tires F1600 Championship schedule consists of six race weekends. Each event would be a tripleheader.

The season kicks off in May at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) during the BEMC Spring Trophy Races. In June, the series returns to CTMP as a support event for the VARAC Canadian Historic Grand Prix event. In mid-July, competitors race at Shannonville Motorsport Park during the Peter Jackson Trophy Races. Then the Toyo Tires F1600 Championship makes its third of four stops at CTMP for the BARC Canadian Touring Trophy races. In late August, teams travel to Calabogie Motorsports Park for rounds thirteen, fourteen and fifteen. The BEMC Indian Summer Races is the series’ final weekend of competition and determines class champions.

Series entrants are also eligible to participate in the Formula 1600 Super Series, which includes drivers from Quebec. Points toward the Super Series championship are awarded at four events.

  • Canadian Grand Prix – Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
  • VARAC Canadian Historic Grand Prix – Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • CTCC Summer Challenge – Shannonville Motorsport Park
  • Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres – Trois-Rivieres

The single-seater, open-wheel race cars in the championship are powered by one of two engine options - a four-cylinder, 1600-cc Ford engine or the 1.5-liter HPD Honda L15A7. Both motors produce approximately 120-horsepower. A mixture of European and North American chassis is used by competitors. Minimum vehicle weight is determined by the suspension design and ranges from 1050 to 1125-lbs. Teams are required to use a spec tire – the Toyo Proxes R888.

Drivers collect championship points in one of two groups.

  • F1600A – This category is for newer chassis’ built between 1995 and 2018.
  • F1600B – This group is for cars constructed between 1994 and older with the Ford engine.

The manufacture date for the individual car and not the model is used to determine the year split and whether a vehicle is categorized as F1600A or F1600B.

Major news for series competitors was this year’s champion would be awarded a ticket to the $200,000 Mazda Road to Indy USF2000 Scholarship Shootout in December. Winning the Mazda Road to Indy Shootout is the first step to a funded ride in the USF2000 series.

The second weekend of the 2018 Toyo Tires F1600 Championship was held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park during VARAC’s Canadian Historic Grand Prix event. Drivers would compete in three races around the ten-turn 2.459-mile road course.

After a one-year absence, the 2016 F1600A series titleholder, Michael Adams, returned for the second weekend of the 2018 Toyo Tires F1600 Championship. However, Adams was competing in the B category driving the No. 59 Flagship Racing Services prepared Van Diemen RF92. He would sweep all three rounds of the F1600B class and in Saturday’s event, Adam’s captured the overall victory.
Californian Jake Craig drove the Brian Graham Racing prepared No. 4 Piper DL7. After the first three rounds, Craig had two runner-up results. In Saturday’s contest at the VARAC weekend, he would rectify that situation. He qualified on the pole but was beaten to the checkered flag by Michael Adams; however, he secured the category A victory. On Sunday, Craig captured second and third-place finishes.
Kellen Ritter also entered the Canadian Historic Grand Prix weekend with an impressive record. During the BEMC Spring Trophy Races, he earned a runner-up result and a pair of third-place finishes. In round four, the driver of the No. 90 Exclusive Autosport Spectrum 014 added to his collection of third-place results. However, on Sunday morning, Ritter started on the pole and claimed the victory. In the finale, he finished second.
The third driver to earn his first series victory at the VARAC Canadian Historic Grand Prix event was Spike Kohlbecker. Kohlbecker was driving the No. 55 Margay Racing Spectrum 014. He qualified eighth fastest for the weekend’s first contest and advanced to a fourth-place result. The next day, Kohlbecker started tenth and finished third. In the final race, he passed Kellen Ritter on the last lap for the win.
Craig Willis won the Toyo Tires F1600B championship in 2013, driving the family’s No. 99 AERO II. Since then, his series appearances have been sporadic, but he is always a threat to win. In the first race at the VARAC weekend, Willis finished a distant second to the class winner, Michael Adams. On Sunday, he collected a pair of runner-up results but chased Adams in both contests.
The reigning F1600B champion, Graham Lobban, opened the year with three runner-up results. Lobban was thirteenth fastest in qualifying for round four and finished third in the B category. The next day began with an eleventh in class finish, but Lobban bounced back with another third-place in the finale. As points leader Kevin Kapelke was not entered this weekend, Lobban left the event leading the title chase.

134B-1Michael AdamsVan Diemen RF9213-
21A-1Jake CraigPiper DL713-
35A-2Kellen RitterSpectrum 01413-
48A-3Spike KohlbeckerSpectrum 01413-
56A-4Zachary VanierMygale SJ1413-
64A-5Marco KacicSpectrum 01413-
72A-6Matthew TaskinenSpectrum 01413-
810A-7David TaylorVan Diemen RF9913-
99B-2Craig WillisAERO II13-
1014A-8Danby CrowderSpectrum 01413-
1123A-9Jason SharpeMygale SJ1413-
1218A-10Keith LobbanVan Diemen RF9413-
1313B-3Graham LobbanVan Diemen RF9413-
1422B-4Mike LeeVan Diemen RF9213-
1515B-5James LindsayVan Diemen RF9113-
1624B-6Mike DoddVan Diemen RF9413-
1726A-11Ross DrybroughMygale SJ1513-
187A-12Mikhail GoikhbergPiper DL713-
1927A-13Tony CoveVan Diemen RF9813-
2020A-14Andrew MasonVan Diemen RF9013-
2125A-15Hanna ZellersVan Diemen RF0113-
2230A-16Alexander ZellerVan Diemen RF0013-
2329B-8Kieran MurphyVan Diemen RF9113-
2432A-17Michael StewartPiper DF513-
2533B-9Bill TebbuttVan Diemen RF9113-
26-B-10Michael McGregorLola T-44012-
2712B-11Kevin KapelkeVan Diemen RF939-
2828A-18Lee RacicotVector MG-969-
2916A-19Serge LacroixVan Diemen RF018-
3011A-20Logan CussonPiper DL78-
3119AConnor WaglandPiper DL713Penalty
-21AMatt GidmanVan Diemen RF034Did Not Finish
-31BBruce KitchenVan Diemen RF923Did Not Finish
-17BSteve BodrugVan Diemen RF932Did Not Finish
-34BNoel CastellWright Kitty Hawk1Did Not Finish
-35BBrent McPhailHawke DL2A-Did Not Start

11A-1Kellen RitterSpectrum 01412-
23A-2Jake CraigPiper DL712-
310A-3Spike KohlbeckerSpectrum 01412-
42B-1Michael AdamsVan Diemen RF9212-
58B-2Craig WillisAERO II12-
613A-4Zachary VanierMygale SJ1412-
75A-5Logan CussonPiper DL712-
814A-6Serge LacroixVan Diemen RF0112-
915A-7Matthew TaskinenSpectrum 01412-
106A-8Mikhail GoikhbergPiper DL712-
117B-3James LindsayVan Diemen RF9112-
1220A-9Ross DrybroughMygale SJ1512-
1312A-10David TaylorVan Diemen RF9912-
1421A-11Jason SharpeMygale SJ1412-
1525A-13Hanna ZellersVan Diemen RF0112-
1618B-4Mike LeeVan Diemen RF9212-
1724B-5Mike DoddVan Diemen RF9412-
1828A-14Lee RacicotVector MG-9612-
1929B-6Bill TebbuttVan Diemen RF9112-
2031A-15Alexander ZellerVan Diemen RF0012-
2130B-7Kieran MurphyVan Diemen RF9112-
2227A-16Andrew MasonVan Diemen RF9012-
2322A-17Matt GidmanVan Diemen RF0312-
2433A-18Michael StewartPiper DF512-
25-B-8James BritnellHawke DL212-
2632B-9Bruce KitchenVan Diemen RF9212-
2711A-19Marco KacicSpectrum 01411-
2823B-10Steve BodrugVan Diemen RF9311-
2916B-11Graham LobbanVan Diemen RF9410-
3035B-12Noel CastellWright Kitty Hawk8-
314B-13Kevin KapelkeVan Diemen RF937-
-9ADanby CrowderSpectrum 0143Did Not Finish
-19AConnor WaglandPiper DL72Did Not Finish
-17AKeith LobbanVan Diemen RF941Did Not Finish
-26ATony CoveVan Diemen RF98-Did Not Start
-34BMichael McGregorLola T-440-Did Not Start

13A-1Spike KohlbeckerSpectrum 01415-
26A-2Kellen RitterSpectrum 01415-
32A-3Jake CraigPiper DL715-
412B-1Michael AdamsVan Diemen RF9215-
58B-2Craig WillisAERO II15-
610A-4Zachary VanierMygale SJ1415-
71A-5Mikhail GoikhbergPiper DL715-
823A-6Marco KacicSpectrum 01415-
929B-3Graham LobbanVan Diemen RF9415-
105A-7Logan CussonPiper DL715-
1111B-4James LindsayVan Diemen RF9115-
127A-8David TaylorVan Diemen RF9915-
139A-9Matthew TaskinenSpectrum 01415-
1414B-5Steve BodrugVan Diemen RF9315-
1516A-10Serge LacroixVan Diemen RF0115-
1613A-11Connor WaglandPiper DL715-
1722A-12Jason SharpeMygale SJ1415-
1828A-13Matt GidmanVan Diemen RF0315-
1921A-14Lee RacicotVector MG-9615-
2018A-15Hanna ZellersVan Diemen RF0115-
2124B-6Bill TebbuttVan Diemen RF9115-
2217A-16Ross DrybroughMygale SJ1514-
2326A-17Alexander ZellerVan Diemen RF0014-
2431B-7Kieran MurphyVan Diemen RF9114-
25-B-8James BritnellHawke DL214-
2634B-9Bruce KitchenVan Diemen RF9212-
2719B-10Mike DoddVan Diemen RF9410-
2820B-11Mike LeeVan Diemen RF927Did Not Finish
2930A-18Keith LobbanVan Diemen RF947Did Not Finish
3032A-19Tony CoveVan Diemen RF984Did Not Finish
3133A-20Michael StewartPiper DF53Did Not Finish
3215B-12Noel CastellWright Kitty Hawk2Did Not Finish
--AAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90-Did Not Start
--BKevin KapelkeVan Diemen RF93-Did Not Start
--ADanby CrowderSpectrum 014-Did Not Start
--BMichael McGregorLola T-440-Did Not Start

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