In 2014, the FIA introduced the Formula 4 concept globally to bridge the gap between karting and open-wheel racing. The Sports Car Club of America created the Formula 4 United States Championship in 2016. The series has grown rapidly in popularity. In the first season, there were fifteen races and nineteen drivers. This year there are eighteen races at six different circuits - with over thirty registered drivers.

The 2018 season kick-offs in April at Virginia International Raceway which is followed by the Road Atlanta and the Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course. In August, the teams travel to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex and then New Jersey Motorsports Park. The championship wraps-up at Circuit of the Americas as a support event to the United States Grand Prix.

The cars competing in the American championship are assembled by OnRoak Automotive and powered by a Honda K20 C1 2.0-liter engine. The Formula 4 is the only FIA-approved car manufactured and assembled in North America.

The opening rounds of the 2018 season were contested at Virginia International Raceway. Drivers would be competing in three 30-minute races around the seventeen-turn 3.270-mile road course.

The Formula 4 field enters Virginia International Raceway’s ‘Nascar Bend’ for round one of the 2018 Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda. Leading the way is the pole-sitter, Benjamin Pedersen from Denmark. Following Pedersen is the third fastest qualifier in No. 33, Joshua Car and another Dane, Christian Rasmussen.
Christian Rasmussen left Virginia International Raceway with the points lead. Rasmussen challenged the race one winner, Benjamin Pedersen but fell short of the victory by 0.122-seconds. In round two, he was gridded second but took the victory and in the process set a new lap record. Rasmussen repeated his performance in the final event of the weekend. Another win and bettered the record once again.
Dakota Dickerson joined the series midway through last season and posted some respectable results. In round one at Virginia International Raceway, Dickerson qualified seventh and captured the final spot on the podium. He started Sunday’s first race in fourth place and went one better than Saturday - grabbing the runner-up position. In the weekend’s final contest, Dickerson scored another third-place finish.
Teddy Wilson’s season got off to a poor start. Wilson started twenty-eighth in round one after a technical infraction was discovered during the post-qualifying inspection. He finished two laps behind the leaders in twenty-ninth place. Wilson’s results were much better Sunday morning - he took the final spot on the podium after starting first. In the finale, Wilson finished second after being gridded fourth.
Benjamin Pedersen was the fastest qualifier and started on the pole for round one of the 2018 Formula 4 United States Championship. On the first lap, Pedersen was passed by Christian Rasmussen but, he retook the lead on the last lap to win by a narrow margin. In race two, Pedersen was gridded third and unable to hold off Dakota Dickerson, he finished fourth. Pedersen was seventh in the final race of the weekend.
Christian Rasmussen leads the field into Virginia International Raceway’s ‘Left Hook’ on the first lap of round two. Rasmussen who started on the outside of the front row is followed by the fourth fastest qualifier, Dakota Dickerson. The pole-sitter, Teddy Wilson in the Jay Howard Driver Development entry follows the two leaders.
DEForce Racing rookie James Raven was the hard charger in round one. Raven received a three-place grid penalty when he caused the qualifying session to be delayed. Raven started thirty-first but was forced to start from the pit lane – a consequence for arriving late to the grid. On the first lap, he got by ten cars. After fourteen laps of racing, Raven was in seventh place – he had passed twenty-three other competitors.
The first podium of the 2018 season for the Formula 4 United States Championship Powered by Honda. In the center, from Denmark, is the winner, Benjamin Pedersen. To Pedersen’s right is fellow Dane and the runner-up, Christian Rasmussen. Completing the rostrum is Dakota Dickerson.

11Benjamin PedersenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
23Christian RasmussenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
37Dakota DickersonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
42Joshua CarCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
56Austin KaszubaCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
610Jose Blanco-ChockCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
731James RavenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
84Wyatt BrichacekCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
914Jacob LoomisCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1015Braden EvesCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
119Justin GordonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1218Matthew CowleyCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
138Eduardo BarrichelloCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1413Vincent KhristovCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1524Arthur LeistCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1623Ethan BillionsCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1717Chris ArchinacoCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1832Cameron O’ConnerCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1927Dylan TavellaCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2011Parker LockeCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2126Chandler HortonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2222Jake FrenchCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2319Jacob AbelCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2425Aidan YoderCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2529Blake UptonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2630Angela DurazoCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2721Kent VaccaroCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2013-
2816Conrad ClarkCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2012-
2928Teddy WilsonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2012-
3033Jack William MillerCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2012-
DNF12Jordan DempseyCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2010Did Not Finish
DNF20Oliver ClarkeCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2010Did Not Finish
DNF5Kaylen FrederickCrawford F4-16 / Honda K200Did Not Finish

12Christian RasmussenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
24Dakota DickersonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
31Teddy WilsonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
43Benjamin PedersenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
58Jacob LoomisCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
66Joshua CarCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
77Jacob AbelCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
85James RavenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
915Wyatt BrichacekCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1016Jose Blanco-ChockCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1114Jake FrenchCrawford F4-16 / HOnda K2014-
1213Conrad ClarkCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1319Cameron O’ConnerCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1428Dylan TavellaCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1520Chris ArchinacoCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1624Parker LockeCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1712Braden EvesCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1822Eduardo BarrichelloCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
1927Jack William MillerCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2029Aidan YoderCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2130Oliver ClarkeCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2221Ethan BillionsCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2333Kaylen FrederickCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2425Arthur LeistCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2531Blake UptonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2618Justin GordonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2013-
2732Angela DurazoCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2013-
2826Chandler HortonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2013-
299Austin KaszubaCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2013-
NC17Jordan DempseyCrawford F4-16 / Honda K209Did Not Finish
NC10Kent VaccaroCrawford F4-16 / Honda K209Did Not Finish
NC23Vincent KhristovCrawford F4-16 / Honda K207Did Not Finish
NC11Matthew CowleyCrawford F4-16 / Honda K201Did Not Finish

11Christian RasmussenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
34Teddy WilsonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
25Dakota DickersonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
48Joshua CarCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
57Benjamin PedersenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
612Austin KaszubaCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
711Jacob AbelCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
826Braden EvesCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
914Arthur LeistCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1013Jake FrenchCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1123Cameron O’ConnerCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
126Jacob LoomisCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1318Kaylen FrederickCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1417Jack William MillerCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1522Dylan TavellaCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1625Parker LockeCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
172Wyatt BrichacekCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1830Vincent KhristovCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
1915Justin GordonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
2029Chandler HortonCrawford F4-16 / HOnda K2016-
2120Eduardo BarrichelloCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
2224Chris ArchinacoCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
2328Conrad ClarkCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
2427Kent VaccaroCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
2510Jose Blanco-ChockCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2016-
2616Aidan YoderCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2015-
2719Ethan BillionsCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
2831Blake UptonCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2014-
NC11Matthew CowleyCrawford F4-16 / Honda K2011Did Not Finish
NC9James RavenCrawford F4-16 / Honda K209Did Not Finish
NC33Angela DurazoCrawford F4-16 / Honda K203Did Not Finish
NC9Oliver ClarkeCrawford F4-16 / Honda K202Did Not Finish
DNS21Jordan DempseyCrawford F4-16 / Honda K200Did Not Start

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