In 2014, the FIA introduced the Formula 4 concept globally to bridge the gap between karting and open-wheel racing. The Sports Car Club of America created the Formula 4 United States Championship in 2016. The series has grown rapidly in popularity. In the first season, there were fifteen races and nineteen drivers. This year the number of races has increased to eighteen races with thirty-three drivers registered.

The cars competing in the American championship are assembled by OnRoak Automotive and powered by a Honda K20 C1 2.0-liter engine. The Formula 4 is the only FIA-approved car manufactured and assembled in North America.

Competitors will visit six different venues over seven weekends. The 2017 season kick-offs in April at Homestead-Miami Florida which is followed by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. In August, the teams travel to the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Virginia International Raceway. The championship wraps-up with two race weekends at Circuit of the Americas – one in September and the finale in October as a support event to the United States Grand Prix.

Rounds seven, eight and nine took place at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Drivers would be competing in three 30-minute races around the ten-turn 2.459-mile road course.

The weekend’s first podium for the Formula 4 United States Championship at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. On the left is the driver from Quebec, Raphael Forcier who captured the runner-up position. Third place finisher Jacob Loomis stands on the right side of the rostrum. Between these two is the winner, Kyle Kirkwood. Kirkwood would dominate the weekend, winning all three rounds.
Kyle Kirkwood was at the top of the result sheets for all but one session – which was qualifying. The Cape Motorsports driver was fastest in the two practice sessions and although, Kirkwood was third in qualifying that didn’t stop him from winning the weekend’s first race. He would do the same in rounds eight and nine. The three victories gave Kirkwood the lead in the title chase.
South African, Jordan Sherratt qualified ninth for race one in a car prepared by Crosslink Racing. Taking advantage of a couple of mistakes by other competitors, he finished seventh. Sherratt’s fastest lap in the weekend’s first contest gave him the sixth starting spot – he finished fifth. In Sunday’s finale, he was gridded fourth and maintained his position to the checkered flag. His results moved him from fifteenth to eighth in the standings.
One driver that looked like he might prevent Kyle Kirkwood from dominating the event was, Dakota Dickerson. Dickerson was over 0.5-second faster than Kirkwood in qualifying. Before the end of lap one in the weekend’s first race, Kirkwood was out front. Dickerson was in third on the final circuit but a mistake in the last corner dropped him to fourth. In rounds eight and nine, he finished in the runner-up position.
Jacob Loomis started round seven in the fifth grid position. Loomis was able to maintain contact with the lead pack and when Dakota Dickerson made a mistake on the final lap, he grabbed the last spot on the podium. In round eight, Loomis started and finished third. He qualified eighth for Sunday’s final event and was seventh at the checkered flag. Despite failing to start round three in Florida, he was fourth in the standings.
Baltazar Leguizamon drove a car prepared by Miller Vinatieri Leguizamon Motorsports. Leguizamon did not have particularly strong results in the first two events of the weekend – finishing ninth and thirteenth. But in Sunday’s wet conditions, he started fifth and captured the final spot on the podium – his first of the season. Despite failing to finish two races, Leguizamon was tenth in the title chase.
There were two Canadians entered at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – local driver, Steve Bamford and from Quebec, Raphael Forcier. Forcier, with sponsorship from Parizeau Pawulski Deslandes Architects, qualified fourth for the weekend’s first event and finished in the runner-up spot. He was unable to match his performance in the next two races. Forcier was fifteenth in rounds eight and nine.
For the weekend’s first event, Austin McCusker shared the front row with pole-sitter, Dakota Dickerson. In race one, McCusker ran with the lead pack but on the last lap, he went off course and finished eighth. Round eight saw the Primus Racing driver gridded seventh but finish ninth. McCusker started Sunday’s final event in tenth but was challenged by the wet conditions and was twelfth at the checkered flag.

13Kyle KirkwoodLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
24Raphael ForcierLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
35Jacob LoomisLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
41Dakota DickersonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
56Timo RegerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
67Brendon LeitchLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
79Jordan SherrattLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
82Austin McCuskerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
913Baltazar LeguizamonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1010Mathias Soler-ObelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1111Jack William MillerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1218Justin SirganyLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1312John Paul Southern Jr.Ligier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
148Jacob AbelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1516Ben WaddellLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1614Max PeichelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1721Jim Goughary Jr.Ligier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1825Davis DurrettLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
1920Sam PaleyLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2026Lawson NagelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2127Chris ArchinacoLigier JS F4 / HOnda K2015-
2229Blake MountLigier JS F4 / HOnda K2015-
2319Steve BamfordLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2428Parker LockeLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2515Benjamin PedersenLigier JS F4 / Honda K2014Did Not Finish
2623Skylar RobinsonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2012Did Not Finish
2724Kent VaccaroLigier JS F4 / Honda K207Accident
2822Vincent KhristovLigier JS F4 / Honda K200Accident
2917Jonathan ScaralloLigier JS F4 / Honda K200Accident

11Kyle KirkwoodLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
22Dakota DickersonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
33Jacob LoomisLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
44Timo RegerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
56Jordan SherrattLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
610Brendon LeitchLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
79Mathias Soler-ObelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
813John Paul Southern Jr.Ligier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
97Austin McCuskerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1014Jack William MillerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1118Max PeichelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1215Ben WaddellLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1312Baltazar LeguizamonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1420Sam PaleyLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
155Raphael ForcierLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1616Benjamin PedersenLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1711Jacob AbelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1829Jonathan ScaralloLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
1919Lawson NagelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
2017Davis DurrettLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
2124Skylar RobinsonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
2223Steve BamfordLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
2325Chris ArchinacoLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
2427Parker LockeLigier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
2521Jim Goughary Jr.Ligier JS F4 / Honda K2018-
268Justin SirganyLigier JS F4 / Honda K2014Did Not Finish
2726Blake MountLigier JS F4 / Honda K2011Accident
2828Vincent KhristovLigier JS F4 / Honda K2011Accident
2922Kent VaccaroLigier JS F4 / Honda K206Accident

11Kyle KirkwoodLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
22Dakota DickersonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
35Baltazar LeguizamonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
44Jordan SherrattLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
56Mathias Soler-ObelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
63Timo RegerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
78Jacob LoomisLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
811John Paul Southern Jr.Ligier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
99Jack William MillerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1020Sam PaleyLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
117Jacob AbelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1210Austin McCuskerLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1315Benjamin PedersenLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1413Brendon LeitchLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1514Raphael ForcierLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1616Jonathan ScaralloLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1723Skylar RobinsonLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1817Davis DurrettLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
1924Vincent KhristovLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
2026Steve BamfordLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
2127Jim Goughary Jr.Ligier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
2225Blake MountLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
2312Max PeichelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2016-
2429Lawson NagelLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2522Ben WaddellLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2618Parker LockeLigier JS F4 / Honda K2015-
2721Chris ArchinacoLigier JS F4 / Honda K2011Accident
2828Kent VaccaroLigier JS F4 / Honda K209Accident

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