The Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires, is in its eleventh season. This is a spec series for Mazda’s MX-5 model.

In 2016, the series introduced the all-new fourth-generation MX-5. The MX-5 Cup race cars are prepared to series standards by Long Road Racing. The process includes disassembling the car, welding in a roll cage and adding more than 250 motorsports components. The SKYACTIV 2.0-liter engine, ECU, six-speed transmission and limited-slip differential are sealed to ensure parity. The cars can be purchased from Mazda Motorsports for $53,000.

At the beginning of the season, ninety-four orders had been received, of which sixty-four had been delivered to customers. Round one of the 2016 Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca attracted forty entries.

And, to motivate drivers and advance their racing careers, the Global MX-5 Cup champion earns a $200,000 scholarship.

The 2016 Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires championship is contested at six different race tracks. Each race weekend includes two forty-five-minute contests. The season begins in April at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and the finale is held at Road Atlanta in September.

  • April 28 - May 1 - Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
  • May 13-15 - Watkins Glen International
  • June 17-19 - Road America
  • July 8-10 - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
  • August 26-28 - Virginia International Raceway
  • September 28-30 - Road Atlanta

Rounds seven and eight of the 2016 Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires were held at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Drivers would compete on the ten-turn 2.459-mile road course for forty-five minutes.

Securing the victory in Saturday’s contest was Nikko Regger. Reger drove the No. 01 Copeland Motorsports Mazda MX-5 and qualified third fastest for round seven. During the race, he battled with Justin Piscitell, Nathanial Spark and Ara Malkhassian. With twelve minutes remaining, Reger pulled away from the pack and grabbed his third win of the season. On Sunday, he started second but finished thirty-second.
The winner of round eight at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park was Mark Drennan. Drennan, who drove the No. 50 Winding Road Team Mazda MX-5, started in the third position. He became part of a nine-car train in the race. On the fifth lap, Drennan moved to the lead and was in first place when the contest was red-flagged on lap-12. This was his second victory of 2016. On Saturday, Drennan qualified fifth and finished eighth.
Opening the weekend with a runner-up result was Tim Barber. In the qualifying session for Saturday’s contest, Barber recorded the twelfth fastest time. Despite starting mid-pack, the driver of the No. 22 Winding Road Team TFB Mazda MX-5 joined the leaders. He led a seven-car freight train when the checkered flag flew and grabbed a second-place finish. The next day, Barber finished seventh after starting eighth.
Sick Sideways team leader John Dean drove the No. 16 Mazda MX-5. Dean qualified eighth fastest for race one at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. He joined the lead group late in the contest and crossed the finish line in third place. The next day, Dean was gridded fifth and was in second place when the race was cut short at the thirty-five-minute mark due to a red flag. He left the event fifth in the points chase.
Series veteran Ara Malkhassian piloted the No. 11 Alara Racing Mazda MX-5. After six races, he was third in the title chase. In rounds seven and eight at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Malkhassian collected third and fourth-place finishes. However, he advanced to second in the standings. Entering the event, Dean Copeland led the points but was penalized for race one, which moved Copeland to third in the standings.
The podium for round eight of the 2016 Battery Tender Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. In the center for the second time this year is the winner, Mark Drennan. His performance during the weekend moved him to first in the rookie standings. On the left is the runner-up, John Dean. Occupying the final position on the rostrum is the third-place finisher, Ara Malkhassian.

13Nikko RegerMazda MX-525-
212Tim BarberMazda MX-525-
38John DeanMazda MX-525-
44Ara MalkhassianMazda MX-525-
52Nathanial SparksMazda MX-525-
61Justin PiscitellMazda MX-525-
713Robby FoleyMazda MX-525-
85Mark DrennanMazda MX-525-
99Dan MartinsonMazda MX-525-
1010Hernan PalermoMazda MX-525-
1124Nick BruniMazda MX-525-
1214Alex BachouraMazda MX-525-
1323Corey RuethMazda MX-525-
1421Sarah MontgomeryMazda MX-525-
1520Matt FassnachtMazda MX-525-
1622Tom MartinMazda MX-525-
1717Mason FilippiMazda MX-525-
1819Zachry LeeMazda MX-525-
1930Justin RaphaelMazda MX-525-
2026Tim ProbertMazda MX-525-
2116Keith JensenMazda MX-525-
2228Michael CollinsMazda MX-525-
2318Max FaulknerMazda MX-525-
2432Nicholas EvancichMazda MX-525-
2529Sam BarnettMazda MX-525-
2627Ashton HarrisonMazda MX-525-
2731Aurora StrausMazda MX-525-
2833Marc BoilyMazda MX-525-
2935Chris OhmachtMazda MX-525-
3034Huilin HanMazda MX-525-
317Glenn McGeeMazda MX-520Did Not Finish
326Chris StoneMazda MX-518Did Not Finish
3315Drake KemperMazda MX-518Did Not Finish
3425Marco GallaherMazda MX-513Did Not Finish
-11Dean CopelandMazda MX-525Disqualified

13Mark DrennanMazda MX-512-
25John DeanMazda MX-512-
36Ara MalkhassianMazda MX-512-
47Chris StoneMazda MX-512-
54Glenn McGeeMazda MX-512-
610Robby FoleyMazda MX-512-
78Tim BarberMazda MX-512-
811Drake KemperMazda MX-512-
913Hernan PalermoMazda MX-512-
1012Alex BachouraMazda MX-512-
119Dean CopelandMazda MX-512-
1215Dan MartinsonMazda MX-512-
1320Corey RuethMazda MX-512-
1414Keith JensenMazda MX-512-
151Nathanial SparksMazda MX-512-
1621Tom MartinMazda MX-512-
1722Nick BruniMazda MX-512-
1828Justin RaphaelMazda MX-512-
1927Sam BarnettMazda MX-512-
2025Tim ProbertMazda MX-512-
2117Sarah MontgomeryMazda MX-512-
2223Ashton HarrisonMazda MX-512-
2326Michael CollinsMazda MX-512-
2416Max FaulknerMazda MX-512-
2535Marco GallaherMazda MX-512-
2630Huilin HanMazda MX-512-
2718Zachry LeeMazda MX-512-
2829Marc BoilyMazda MX-512-
2924Mason FilippiMazda MX-512-
3033Chris OhmachtMazda MX-512-
3119Matt FassnachtMazda MX-511-
322Nikko RegerMazda MX-511-
3332Nicholas EvancichMazda MX-511-
3434Brent MosingMazda MX-59Did Not Finish
3531Aurora StrausMazda MX-53Did Not Finish

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