Quebec’s Super Production Challenge series for production vehicles debuted in 2011. The very popular championship has attracted large fields as the result of affordable racing, which has, in turn, generated close competition and captured the imagination of fans.

The Super Production Challenge offers amateur drivers a semi-professional environment which is sanctioned the Auto Sport Quebec. Most races range from thirty to forty-five-minutes in length. The season starts on the May long weekend with rounds one and two at Autodrome St-Eustache. The subsequent two events take place at Circuit ICAR. The first is called Le ICAR by Night. On Canada Day weekend, the Super Production Challenge acts as a support event for the NASCAR Canadian Tire series. Then teams travel to Ontario to compete in rounds ten and eleven at Calabogie Motorsport Park. The season ends on Thanksgiving weekend with a doubleheader at Autodrome St-Eustache.

The series controls costs by limiting performance and balancing the power of different vehicles using various methods – weight, rev limiters, intake manifold restrictions and adjustments to other components. Series rules allow modifications to the engine, brakes and suspensions. All cars in the series are required to compete on Falken tires.

Drivers score points in one of two classes – Super Production or Compact. The larger displacement vehicles with no more than 220-horsepower compete in the Super Production group. Cars commonly found in this division include the Scion FRS, Honda Civic, Acura RSX and BMW 328i. The Compact class, introduced in 2012, is for vehicles with less the 100-horsepower. Included in the category are the Mini Cooper, Toyota Echo, Nissan Micra and Mazda 2.

The third weekend of the 2015 Super Production Challenge was held at Circuit ICAR as a support event for the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. Over the two-days, competitors could score points in four races – rounds six to nine.

The only Mitsubishi Lancer EVO entered in the series was driven by Jean-Sebastien Besner. Besner started the season with a pair of victories in the opening rounds at Autodrome St-Eustache. He earned a third and two fourth-place finishes in the series first visit to ICAR. Besner returned to ICAR second in the Super Production standings. He won round six but was excluded from the next three races and fell to fifth in the title chase.
Julien and Mathieu Legris shared the driving duties on the No. 20 Legris Racing Toyota Echo. Mathieu competed in rounds six and seven on Saturday and won both of the Compact class races. Julien did not fare quite as well but claimed first and second-place finishes in the same category. Mathieu left the weekend second in the championship points and trailed the leader, Gabriel Lacombe, by fifty-seven markers.
Super Production competitor Philippe Gelinas had a terrible start to the season. In race one at Autodrome St-Eustache, he lost an engine in the No. 34 Hyundai Genesis and was unable to start round two. But he bounced back and captured a pair of victories and third place in the first visit to ICAR. Returning to ICAR, Gelinas earned two more wins but also encountered mechanical issues in the other two races.
Gabriel Lacombe led the Compact point standings entering the series second visit to Circuit ICAR. His record included five podium results in as many starts, of which two were victories. During the ECKO Unlimited 100 weekend, Lacombe added another three podium results to his total. Unfortunately, the driver of the No. 03 Honda Civic had his first retirement of the year but still maintained the championship lead.
2015 was the third season for the driver of the No. 28 Equipe CVK Honda Civic, Benoit Landry. Landry finished seventh in last year’s Super Production Challenge and earned a personal best of second place in round six at Calabogie Motorsport Park. He started this year with an accident but had a runner-up result in the series first visit to ICAR. Upon the championship’s return to ICAR, Landry scored his first victory.
After finishing second in the final Super Production standings last season, the 2013 category champion Marc Heroux was on track to claim his second title. This year Heroux led the title chase after scoring five podium results. Driving the No. 24 BP3D Competition Scion FRS, he collected another two podium (two third-place results) finishes at the NASCAR weekend and retained his lead in the points chase.
Two female racers were participating in this year’s Super Production Challenge. One of the drivers was Marie-Laurence Paquin campaigning the No. 16 BP3D Competition Acura RSX Type-S. The ECKO Unlimited 100 was her first event of the season. Paquin was immediately on pace. By the end of the weekend, she had earned fifth, fourth, third and runner-up finishes.

1SP-1Jean-Sebastien BesnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo10-
2SP-2Sylvain LaporteMini Cooper10-
3SP-3Marc HerouxScion FRS10-
4SP-4Benoit LandryHonda Civic10-
5SP-5Marie-Laurence PaquinAcura RSX Type S10-
6SP-6Yves LegrisScion TC10-
7SP-7Jacques GravelBMW 328i10-
8SP-8Patrick BoyerAcura Integra GSR10-
9SP-9Eric DurandChevrolet Cobalt SS10-
10SP-10Eric LaporteHonda Civic10-
11SP-11Christopher SahakanPontiac Solstice GXP10Penalty
12SP-12Eric JacquesNissan 350Z10-
13SP-13Denis DesrochersAudi A4 Turbo10-
14SP-14Alain LevesqueMazdaspeed 310-
15SP-15Crystel CharestMini Cooper10-
16SP-16Ghislain TheriaultVW Golf GTi10Penalty
17C-1Mathieu LegrisToyota Echo10-
18C-2Gabriel LacombeHonda Civic10-
19C-3Pascal BastienMini Cooper10-
20C-4Eric BellemareHonda Civic9-
21C-5Dominic DumaisToyota Echo9-
22C-6Paul MorinToyota Echo9-
23SPPhilippe GelinasHyundai Genesis6Diffential
24SPBertrand LambertHonda Civic Si-R6Fuel Pump
25SPLuc RichardAudi TT-RS3Mechanical
26SPAlain St-HilaireAcura RSX Type S1Fuel Pump
-SPLuc PelletierAudi A5 Turbo-Turbocharger
-CFrederick MagnyMazda 29Disqualified
-CJacques BelangerNissan Micra9Disqualified

1SP-1Philippe GelinasHyundai Genesis13-
2SP-2Patrick BoyerAcura Integra GSR13-
3SP-3Marie-Laurence PaquinAcura RSX Type S13-
4SP-4Marc HerouxScion FRS13-
5SP-5Benoit LandryHonda Civic13-
6SP-6Eric DurandChevrolet Cobalt SS13-
7SP-7Eric JacquesNissan 350Z13-
8SP-8Denis DesrochersAudi A4 Turbo13-
9SP-9Crystel CharestMini Cooper13-
10SP-10Alain LevesqueMazdaspeed 313-
11SP-11Ghislain TheriaultVW Golf GTi13Penalty
12C-1Mathieu LegrisToyota Echo13-
13C-2Eric BellemareHonda Civic13-
14C-3Kevin BastienMini Cooper13-
15C-4Dominic DumaisToyota Echo12-
16C-5Paul MorinToyota Echo12-
17SP-12Eric LaporteHonda Civic11Suspension
18SPAlain St-HilaireAcura RSX Type S2Mechanical
19SPSylvain LaporteMini Cooper1Accident
20SPChristopher SahakanPontiac Solstice GXP0Mechanical
21SPYves LegrisScion TC0Accident
22SPJacques GravelBMW 328i0Mechanical
23SPBertrand LambertHonda Civic Si-R0Fuel Pump
24CGabriel LacombeHonda Civic0Hood Pin
-SPLuc PelletierAudi A5 Turbo-Turbocharger
-SPJean-Sebastien BesnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo4Disqualified
-SPLuc RichardAudi TT-RS4Disqualified
-CFrederick MagnyMazda 213Disqualified
-CJacques BelangerNissan Micra13Disqualified

1SP-1Benoit LandryHonda Civic14-
2SP-2Marie-Laurence PaquinAcura RSX Type S14-
3SP-3Marc HerouxScion FRS14-
4SP-4Jacques GravelBMW 328i14-
5SP-5Eric DurandChevrolet Cobalt SS14-
6SP-6Bertrand LambertHonda Civic Si-R14-
7SP-7Eric LaporteHonda Civic14-
8SP-8Crystel CharestMini Cooper14-
9SP-9Eric JacquesNissan 350Z14-
10SP-10Alain LevesqueMazdaspeed 314-
11C-1Gabriel LacombeHonda Civic14-
12SP-11Yves LegrisScion TC13Penalty
13C-2Julien LegrisToyota Echo13-
14C-3Pascal BastienMini Cooper13-
15C-4Dominic DumaisToyota Echo13-
16C-5Eric BellemareHonda Civic13Penalty
17C-6Paul MorinToyota Echo13Penalty
18SP-12Patrick BoyerAcura Integra GSR12Transmission
19SPPhilippe GelinasHyundai Genesis3Mechanical
20SPChristopher SahakanPontiac Solstice GXP2Mechanical
21SPDenis DesrochersAudi A4 Turbo1Mechanical
-SPGhislain TheriaultVW Golf GTi-Did Not Start
-SPAlain St-HilaireAcura RSX Type S-Did Not Start
-SPSylvain LaporteMini Cooper-Did Not Start
-SPLuc PelletierAudi A5 Turbo-Turbocharger
-SPJean-Sebastien BesnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo-Disqualified
-SPLuc RichardAudi TT-RS-Disqualified
-CFrederick MagnyMazda 213Disqualified
-CJacques BelangerNissan Micra13Disqualified

1SP-1Philippe GelinasHyundai Genesis14-
2SP-2Marc HerouxScion FRS14-
3SP-3Marie-Laurence PaquinAcura RSX Type S14-
4SP-4Benoit LandryHonda Civic14-
5SP-5Jacques GravelBMW 328i14-
6SP-6Eric DurandChevrolet Cobalt SS14-
7SP-7Eric LaporteHonda Civic14-
8SP-8Crystel CharestMini Cooper14-
9SP-9Eric JacquesNissan 350Z14-
10SP-10Sylvain LaporteMini Cooper14Fuel
11SP-11Bertrand LambertHonda Civic Si-R14-
12SP-12Ghislain TheriaultVW Golf GTi14-
13SP-13Alain LevesqueMazdaspeed 314-
14C-1Julien LegrisToyota Echo13-
15C-2Gabriel LacombeHonda Civic13-
16C-3Pascal BastienMini Cooper13-
17C-4Eric BellemareHonda Civic13Penalty
18C-5Dominic DumaisToyota Echo13Penalty
19C-6Paul MorinToyota Echo10Penalty
-SPYves LegrisScion TC-Transmission
-SPPatrick BoyerAcura Integra GSR-Transmission
-SPChristopher SahakanPontiac Solstice GXP-Transmission
-SPDenis DesrochersAudi A4 Turbo1Mechanical
-SPAlain St-HilaireAcura RSX Type S-Mechanical
-SPLuc PelletierAudi A5 Turbo-Turbocharger
-CJacques BelangerNissan Micra-Disqualified
-CFrederick MagnyMazda 2-Disqualified
-SPJean-Sebastien BesnerMitsubishi Lancer Evo-Disqualified
-SPLuc RichardAudi TT-RS-Disqualified

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