The USF2000 National Championship made its debut in 2010. The series serves as one of the rungs on Mazda's Road to Indy and is sanctioned by IndyCar. The program aims to provide a scholarship fund path to reach the IndyCar Series and the Indianapolis 500. The Road to Indy has attracted driving talent from all over the world. Last year's champion, Scott Hargrove, is participating in the season's Star Mazda Championship.

This year the program offers over $500,000 in prizes and awards, with the USF2000 champion receiving a scholarship valued at $375,000 to advance to the Star Mazda Championship.

Formula 2000 cars first appeared in North America during the mid-80s. The category was particularly popular in Canada, with series' sponsored by Export A and Canadian Tire. The early cars were powered by a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter overhead-camshaft Ford engine, which produces approximately 150-horsepower. Mounted to the engine is a Hewland Mk 9 gearbox with four forward speeds and one reverse. The single-seater chassis is a tubular spaceframe design fitted with an aluminum floor pan and fiberglass bodywork. The cars also use wings mounted at the front and rear. The whole package weighs just under 1,200-lbs.

Today's Formula 2000 cars conform to many of the same rules, but advances in technology and aerodynamics have allowed them to be faster.

Last season there were two classes Championship and National. This year the two categories have been combined.

Teams are required to use a Van Diemen chassis manufactured from 2001 to 2010. The cars are powered by a Mazda MZR engine. The power plant is a four-cylinder, double-overhead camshaft, fuel-injected, two-liter motor which produces 170-horsepower.

The 2014 schedule consists of fourteen races held over seven race weekends on seven tracks two street circuits, one oval, and four permanent road courses.

  • March 29-30 - Streets of St. Petersburg
  • April 26-27 - Barber Motorsports Park
  • May 9-10 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • May 24 - Lucas Oil Raceway
  • July 19-20 - Streets of Toronto
  • August 1-3 - Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • August 22-23 - Sonoma

Rounds six and seven of the 2014 USF2000 National Championship were held at Toronto's Exhibition Place. Drivers would compete in two races around the eleven-turn 1.755-mile temporary street circuit.

Heavy rain and a flooded track forced organizers to postpone the weekend's first contest until 7:45 Sunday morning.

The No. 2 Cape Motorsports Van Diemen DP08 was driven by Jake Edison. Before the Toronto event, Edison had collected three podium results. He qualified third fastest for the weekend's first contest. A pass early in the race vaulted him to second. On lap-14, Edison got by the leader, Florian Latorre, in corner one for the lead and his first series victory. He chased Latorre to a runner-up result in the afternoon after RC Enerson retired.
Jake Edison's teammate at Cape Motorsports was Florian Latorre, who drove the No. 10 Van Diemen DP08. Latorre qualified on the pole for race one and led until lap-14 when he was passed by Edison. He finished second. Latorre started the finale in first place; however, he was passed by RC Enerson. Enerson would retire on lap-19, handing the top spot to Latorre. Despite pressure from Edison, he held on for his first series victory.
RC Enerson led the points standings with three victories collected at St. Pete and Barber Motorsports Park. Enerson qualified on the outside of the front row for the weekend's first contest at Toronto. He was passed by Florian Latorre at the start, who chased him home to a third-place finish. Starting second in race two, Enerson immediately jumped to the lead. Unfortunately, his race ended on lap-19 with a mechanical issue.
At Lucas Oil Raceway, Aaron Telitz collected his first series victory in the previous round. The driver of the No. 7 was sixth fastest in the qualifying session for round six in Toronto. During the race, he lost a position to Peter Portante but inherited a spot when Henrik Furuseth retired and finished sixth. In the final race, Telitz started fifth and benefited from the retirements of RC Enerson and Furuseth to earn third-place.
The 2014 USF2000 podium for round six, Sunday morning, in Toronto. Standing on the top step of the rostrum, for the first time, is the winner from Cape Motorsports, Jake Edison. On the left is the runner-up and Edison's teammate Frenchman Florian Latorre. Completing the podium is the points leader and third-place finisher from ArmsUp Motorsports RC Enerson.

13Jake EidsonCape MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
21Florian LatorreCape MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
32RC EnersonArmsUp MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
47Peter PortanteAfterburner AutosportVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
55Colton HertaJDC MotorSportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
66Aaron TelitzPabst RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
710Victor FranzoniJohn Cummiskey RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
812Adrian StarrantinoBelardi Auto RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
99Daniel BurkettBelardi Auto RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1013Gustavo MyasavaD2D MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1116Clark ToppeM2 AutosportVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1215Nathan BlokArmsUp MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1321Juan MaldonadoCape MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1420Andrew ListJAY MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1511Austin CindricAfterburner AutosportVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1619Garth RickardsJDC MotorSportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16-
1717Will OwenTeam E RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR13Mechanical
184Henrik FurusethPabst RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR12Mechanical
198Jeroen SlaghekkeArmsUp MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR1Accident
2014Nico JaminJAY MotorSportsVan Diemen DP06/Mazda MZR1Accident
213Keyvan Andres SooriJAY MotorSportsVan Diemen DP06/Mazda MZR1Accident
-16James DaysonPabst RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR-Did Not Start

11Florian LatorreCape MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
23Jake EidsonCape MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
35Aaron TelitzPabst RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
411Victor FranzoniJohn Cummiskey RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
515Clark ToppeM2 AutosportVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
614Nico JaminJAY MotorSportsVan Diemen DP06/Mazda MZR21-
716Nathan BlokArmsUp MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
89Daniel BurkettBelardi Auto RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
97Jeroen SlaghekkeArmsUp MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
1020Andrew ListJAY MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
1121Juan MaldonadoCape MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
1222James DaysonPabst RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR21-
1318Keyvan Andres SooriJAY MotorSportsVan Diemen DP06/Mazda MZR20-
146Colton HertaJDC MotorSportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16Accident
1512Gustavo MyasavaD2D MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR16Accident
1619Garth RickardsJDC MotorSportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR13Off Course
172RC EnersonArmsUp MotorsportsVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR12Accident
1810Austin CindricAfterburner AutosportVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR8Accident
198Peter PortanteAfterburner AutosportVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR1Accident
204Henrik FurusethPabst RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR1Accident
2112Adrian StarrantinoBelardi Auto RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR0Accident
2217Will OwenTeam E RacingVan Diemen DP08/Mazda MZR0Accident

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