The Aussie Racing Car Series debuted in 2001 and continues to be a well-subscribed division with competitive events.

The class was created by former touring car driver Phil Ward. The cars resemble the American Legends vehicles, first appearing in 1992 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The cars in the United States are 5/8 scale replicas of cars produced from the mid-1930s to the early 1940s and powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine.

In Australia, the cars are constructed with a tube-frame chassis design and an integral roll cage, which is FIA-certified. The bodies are made of a lightweight composite. They are designed to look like models such as the Holden Cruze, Ford Mustang, Ford Falcon, Toyota Aurion, Holden Commodore, and Nissan Altima.

The suspension utilizes coil-over shock absorbers on the front and rear. The front of the Aussie Racing Cars is designed with fully adjustable top and bottom wishbones. The rear has a live axle, parallel trailing arms, and a Panhard bar.

A four-cylinder, 1.3-liter double-overhead camshaft Yamaha FJR engine powers the vehicle, which revs to 11,500 rpm and produces 125 horsepower.

Stopping the cars are four RDA brake rotors and four-pot alloy calipers. To increase safety, the vehicles use braided brake hoses.

The 510-kg package can exceed a speed of 230 kph and generate a lateral force of 2Gs.

Seven rounds were contested during the 2014 season, beginning in February and ending in November. Each race weekend hosted four contests except Mount Panorama, which held only three races.

  • February 27 - March 2 - Adelaide Parklands Circuit
  • March 28-30 - Symmons Plains Raceway
  • May 16-18 - Raceway
  • August 1-3 - Queensland Raceway
  • October 9-12 - Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
  • October 24-26 - Surfers Paradise Street Circuit
  • November 14-16 - Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

The final round of the 2014 Aussie Racing Car Series was held on the weekend of November 14-16 at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit as a support event for the V8 Supercars. Drivers would compete in four races around the twelve-turn 2.762-mile road course.

The biggest surprise of the series' final weekend was the victory of James Duckworth in race one. Duckworth skipped the two events in Queensland, and to date, his best result was a seventh at Perth. He put the No. 10 RDA Brakes Euro GT on the pole. Duckworth led the first five laps before surrendering the position to Trent Young. However, he moved back out front on the final lap and grabbed the checker.
The driver of the meet was Trent Young. Young drove the No. 42 Young Race Toyota Aurion. He had a season of mixed results. Young finished on the podium nineteen times in twenty-eight races, of which ten were victories, including Perth, where he swept the weekend. However, he failed to collect points in three contests. At Phillip Island, Young led race one, finished second, and grabbed victories in the final three contests.
The year's Aussie Racing Car champion is Darren Chamberlain. The driver of the No. 36 Perenso Racing Toyota Aurion was never dominant during the season; however, he could attribute his success to consistency – Chamberlain never received the checkered flag outside of the top ten. Heading into the final round, he had a comfortable points lead, and it's just as well, as he only collected fifth, sixth, seventh, and tenth-place results.
Since the inception of the Aussie Racing Car Series in 2001, the vehicles have been powered by a Yamaha FJR 1300. The beauty of the Yamaha is that it includes the motorcycle transmission. The engine works well with the 510-kg racer. The FJR is a four-cylinder, 1.3-liter double-overhead camshaft with four valves per cylinder (two intake and two exhaust). The motor, which revs to 11,500 rpm, will produce 125 horsepower.
The series defending title-holder was Maurice Masini. Masini piloted the No. 1 VIP Petfoods-sponsored Euro GT. Unfortunately, he wasn't delivering the same performance in 2014 that won him last year's championship. Masini went winless this season; before, Phillip Island only had one podium finish. He earned second, third, fourth, and seventh-place finishes the previous weekend. Masini was fourth in the final standings.
Peter Carr drove the No. 61 Toyota Aurion with backing from Mako Sunglasses. Carr was one of many competitors in the 2014 season that demonstrated 'flashes of brilliance' but wasn't consistent enough to earn the title. He won seven contests during the year but failed to finish three events. Carr finished eighth, ninth, and eleventh during the finale, but to complete race two. Despite these results, he was third in the championship.
Brendon Pingel placed second in the 2014 Aussie Racing Car Series. Pingel fell eight points short of beating this year's champion, Darren Chamberlain. Although he had three victories during the season, his run at the title was made more difficult by not participating in the penultimate weekend at Surfers Paradise. Pingel outperformed Chamberlain at the final event, but it wasn't enough for the No. 29 Holden Cruz driver to secure the title.

11James DuckworthEuro GT8-
22Trent YoungToyota Aurion8-
33Maurice MasiniEuro GT8-
44Adrian FlackEuro GT8-
56Brendon PingelHolden Cruze8-
69Damien FlackEuro GT8-
710Darren ChamberlainToyota Aurion8-
87James AbelaToyota Aurion8-
911Rhett NoonanHolden Cruze8-
1014Craig WoodsHolden Commodore8-
1112Peter CarrToyota Aurion8-
128Sam MiltonToyota Aurion8-
1316Mark GriffithEuro GT8-
1417David BurchEuro GT8-
1515Michael McLeanToyota Aurion8-
1619Kent QuinnHolden Cruze8-
1722Lachlan McDonaldHolden Commodore8-
1818Brian FordFord Falcon8-
1920Brendon TuckerFord Falcon8-
2024Scott TaylorFord Mustang8-
2125Sean RoseEuro GT8-
2228Craig ThompsonNissan Altima8-
2331Jeff WattersHolden Commodore8-
2426Shayne SmithFord Falcon8-
2529Shane BurnsHolden Commodore8-
2623John ReynoldsFord Falcon8-
2730Matthew LynchHolden Commodore8-
2832Rodney EyresFord Falcon8-
2933Grant ThompsonFord Falcon7-
3027Tim BoyleFord Falcon6Did Not Finish
3121Chris StevensonHolden Commodore4Did Not Finish
325Tyler GreenburyFord Falcon2Did Not Finish
3313Adam UebergangEuro GT1Did Not Finish

11Trent YoungToyota Aurion8-
23Maurice MasiniEuro GT8-
34Brendon PingelHolden Cruze8-
46Rhett NoonanHolden Cruze8-
55Darren ChamberlainToyota Aurion8-
67Adrian FlackEuro GT8-
710Craig WoodsHolden Commodore8-
818Tyler GreenburyFord Falcon8-
98David BurchEuro GT8-
1019Adam UebergangEuro GT8-
1112Mark GriffithEuro GT8-
1213Michael McLeanToyota Aurion8-
1314Lachlan McDonaldHolden Commodore8-
1415Brian FordFord Falcon8-
1516Brendon TuckerFord Falcon8-
1621Craig ThompsonNissan Altima8-
1720John ReynoldsFord Falcon8-
1817Shayne SmithFord Falcon8-
1925Tim BoyleFord Falcon8-
2022Scott TaylorFord Mustang8-
2123Jeff WattersHolden Commodore8-
2211Sam MiltonToyota Aurion8-
2328Matthew LynchHolden Commodore8-
2427Shane BurnsHolden Commodore8-
2526Rodney EyresFord Falcon8-
2630Kent QuinnHolden Cruze8-
2731Damien FlackEuro GT7-
2829Grant ThompsonFord Falcon7-
292James DuckworthEuro GT7Did Not Finish
308Peter CarrToyota Aurion7Did Not Finish
3124Chris StevensonHolden Commodore2Did Not Finish
-7James AbelaToyota Aurion-Excluded

13Trent YoungToyota Aurion8-
28Rhett NoonanHolden Cruze8-
37Brendon PingelHolden Cruze8-
410Tyler GreenburyFord Falcon8-
516James AbelaToyota Aurion8-
65David BurchEuro GT8-
713Maurice MasiniEuro GT8-
821Damien FlackEuro GT8-
918Peter CarrToyota Aurion8-
106Darren ChamberlainToyota Aurion8-
119Michael McLeanToyota Aurion8-
122Craig WoodsHolden Commodore8-
1314Sam MiltonToyota Aurion8-
1419Kent QuinnHolden Cruze8-
1517Mark GriffithEuro GT8-
1612Lachlan McDonaldHolden Commodore8-
171Adam UebergangEuro GT8-
184Adrian FlackEuro GT8-
1920Brendon TuckerFord Falcon8-
2019Brian FordFord Falcon8-
2123James DuckworthEuro GT8-
2215Craig ThompsonNissan Altima8-
2328Shane BurnsHolden Commodore8-
2422Shayne SmithFord Falcon8-
2526John ReynoldsFord Falcon8-
2630Tim BoyleFord Falcon8-
2724Scott TaylorFord Mustang8-
2825Chris StevensonHolden Commodore8-
2929Rodney EyresFord Falcon8-
3031Matthew LynchHolden Commodore8-
3132Grant ThompsonFord Falcon6-
3227Jeff WattersHolden Commodore1Did Not Finish

11Trent YoungToyota Aurion8-
211James AbelaToyota Aurion8-
33Rhett NoonanHolden Cruze8-
45Maurice MasiniEuro GT8-
52Brendon PingelHolden Cruze8-
64Darren ChamberlainToyota Aurion8-
77Adrian FlackEuro GT8-
812Peter CarrToyota Aurion8-
96Craig WoodsHolden Commodore8-
109Damien FlackEuro GT8-
1115Mark GriffithEuro GT8-
128David BurchEuro GT8-
1310Michael McLeanToyota Aurion8-
1413Sam MiltonToyota Aurion8-
1514Kent QuinnHolden Cruze8-
1620Tim BoyleFord Falcon8-
1719Scott TaylorFord Mustang8-
1821Craig ThompsonNissan Altima8-
1916Brendon TuckerFord Falcon8-
2024Shane BurnsHolden Commodore8-
2123James DuckworthEuro GT8-
2217Brian FordFord Falcon8-
2326Chris StevensonHolden Commodore8-
2427Jeff WattersHolden Commodore1-
2528Rodney EyresFord Falcon8-
2625Matthew LynchHolden Commodore8-
2729Grant ThompsonFord Falcon7-
2822John ReynoldsFord Falcon7-
2918Shayne SmithFord Falcon4Did Not Finish
3030Tyler GreenburyFord Falcon2Did Not Finish

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