The 2007 Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship presented by Toyo Tires offered amateur Touring car racers an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents at some of Ontario’s most popular tracks. The series provided competitors with professionally organized events that would attract sponsors and fans.

This 2007 schedule consists of eight race weekends. With the exception of the Toronto event, all races take place during Ontario region amateur sports car club weekends. The format at each venue includes two races – either, thirty-minutes in length or a twenty-minute contest on Saturday and a forty-minute event the following day. The season kicks off mid-May at Mosport International Raceway. This is followed by the series premiere event at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. Drivers will compete in support races during the Champ Car World Series weekend. In late-July, the championship travels to Calabogie Motorsport Park. In August, teams return to Mosport, where the remainder of the season’s races will be conducted.

In 2007, there are three classes. To help fans distinguish between the groups, the cars are fitted with different coloured windshield banners.

  • Touring – (Red Window Banner) - This is intended to be an entry-level category. Vehicles competing in this class are allowed a minimal amount of performance enhancements. The engines in this group may not exceed 2.0-liters. Manufacturers represented in this group include the Mini Cooper S, Honda Civic, Mazda Protege, Nissan Sentra and Acura Integra.
  • Super Touring – (Yellow Window Banner)- Super Touring includes many of the same makes and models found in Touring. However, this category allows motor modifications and aerodynamic enhancements. Vehicles in this group are limited to an engine displacement of 2.8-liters. Additional manufacturers competing in the group include BMW, Subaru and Audi.
  • Grand Touring – (Blue Window Banner) – This is the series quickest category. This group is for six and eight-cylinder vehicles with an engine displacement in excess of 2.8-liters. Popular cars in this class include the Chevrolet Corvette, Dodge Viper, BMW M3 and Porsche 996.

The inaugural Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship event was held on May 12-13, 2007 at Mosport International Raceway. It was part of an Ontario Regional race weekend hosted by the British Empire Motor Club. Drivers competed in a twenty-minute contest on Saturday and a forty-minute race the following day. Forty-five competitors were entered in the series first event.

Marco Cirone was driving the No. 115 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 had the distinction of capturing the Grand Touring and outright victory in the series’ inaugural race. Cirone qualified third fastest and moved into the lead for good on lap-2. Unfortunately, he went ‘from Hero to Zero’ on Sunday. On the ninth circuit, an incident dropped Cirone down the race order and he was later disqualified for passing under a yellow.
One of Quebec’s top competitors in the province’s Championnat Touring Hankook is Charles-Andre Bilodeau. Bilodeau drives the No. 26 GT Racing prepared BMW 328i. In the opening round of the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship, he grabbed all the hardware in the Super Touring category. Not only did Bilodeau win both races, but he started on the class pole and established a new lap record.
Another driver to sweep the weekend was Touring class competitor, Alain Lauziere. Lauziere in the No. 47 Octane Promotions Mini Cooper S started on the category pole for round one of the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship. In fact, he was over 1.5-seconds quicker than the second-fastest qualifier, James Foote. Lauziere would lead both races flag-to-flag and like Bilodeau set a new lap record for the Touring category.
The No. 14 Nissan 240SX was raced by Sasha Anis. Anis competed in the Grand Touring category with the highly modified Nissan and qualified on the pole for the weekend’s first event. By lap-4 of the contest, he had dropped to third-place and remained in that position to the checkered flag. On Sunday, Anis finished second but inherited the victory when the winner was disqualified for passing under a yellow.
Sharing the No. 125 Acura RSX Type-S was Nigel and Nicholas Krikorian. They competed in the Super Touring category. For round one, the Acura was gridded sixth in class. During the race, the entry moved up the order and captured the final position on the category rostrum. In round two, the car was gridded eighth overall and with the disqualification of the second and third-place finishers, they were awarded second place.
One of the more unique vehicles competing in the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship was the No. 58 Mercedes C230 Kompresseur of Andrew Bearss. The Mercedes is powered by either a 1.8-liter 16-valve four-cylinder supercharged engine producing 189-horsepower or the 2.3-liter version, which has a rating of 191-horsepower. During the weekend, Bearss captured sixth and third-place finishes in the Touring category.
The No. 9 Touring class Honda CRX is driven by Ken McCartan. For round one of the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship, McCartan qualified at the back of the grid in forty-first position – tenth in class. During the race, he charged through the field and finished twenty-third overall, but more importantly, he was the runner-up in Touring. In the finale, McCartan could only manage a fifth in his group.
Sharing the No. 52 Dodge Viper was Nick Majors and Tony McGrath. They were the fastest team in the opening practice session, but qualified second for round one of the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship. During the race, the Viper passed the pole-sitter, Sasha Anis and lost a position to Marco Cirone – the end result was a runner-up finish. On Sunday, they won but were disqualified for passing under a yellow.
Kurt Langeveldt drove the No. 177 Mazda RX-7 in the Grand Touring category. For the weekend’s first race, Langeveldt qualified eighth overall and sixth in class. He inherited positions during round one when Bob Munro and Van Peter Hanson encountered issues and finished fourth in class. On Sunday, Langeveldt was in fourth-place at the checker but was awarded the runner-up spot after two teams were disqualified.

1Grand TouringMarco CironeChevrolet Corvette Z0613-
2Grand TouringNick Majors / Tony McGrathDodge Viper13-
3Grand TouringSasha AnisNissan 240SX13-
4Grand TouringKurt LangeveldtMazda RX-713-
5Super TouringCharles-Andre BilodeauBMW 325i13-
6Super TouringEtienne BorgeatBMW 32513-
7Super TouringNicholas Krikorian / Nigel KrikorianAcura RSX13-
8Super TouringScott Nicol / P. LejbjukHonda Civic13-
9Grand TouringJean-Marc AlcarazBMW M313-
10Super TouringAllan DeWolfeBMW 32812-
11Super TouringC. Swinwood / P. SwinwoodBMW 32512-
12Super TouringGunter Schmidt / Steve KentChevrolet Cobalt SS16-
13Super TouringChristian SorensonBMW 328is12-
14Grand TouringTed Rance / Michael DolanMazda RX-712-
15Super TouringJordan MarrisonBMW M312-
16Grand TouringRobert McAuley / Dave CiekiewiczBMW M312-
17Grand TouringSean HylandFord Mustang12-
18Super TouringSam KeeHonda S200012-
19Grand TouringRay ArlauskasBMW 325is12-
20TouringAlain LauziereMini Cooper S16-
21Super TouringChristian RaymondMazda Protege12-
22Super TouringScott HallBMW 32512-
23TouringKen McCartenHonda CRX12-
24Grand TouringPeter KolerosBMW M312-
25Super TouringStephane CarrierVolkswagen Golf12-
26Grand TouringGabriel UrsacheSubaru Impreza STi12-
27TouringDavid DiedrickNissan Sentra12-
28TouringHoward ChinVolkswagen Scirocco12-
29TouringJames FooteHonda Civic12-
30TouringRobert CalisiHonda Civic12-
31Grand TouringAntonio BusoEagle Talon11-
32TouringAndrew BearssMercedes C230 Kompresseur11-
33TouringFrank BlanchetNissan Sentra11-
34TouringBrad Young / C McKenzieHonda Civic11-
35TouringSteve GreinerHonda Civic11-
36TouringRoger BowesNissan Sentra11-
37Super TouringErik PetersenHonda S20009Did Not Finish
38Super TouringClifton DaleyVolkswagen Golf9Did Not Finish
39Super TouringJohn Lockhart / Jason SharpeSaab 93 2.0T8Did Not Finish
40Super TouringEric LeblancSubaru WRX STI7Did Not Finish
41Grand TouringBob MunroBMW M35Did Not Finish
42Super TouringIan MaddenVolkswagen Golf 1.8T2Did Not Finish
-Grand TouringVan Peter HansonBMW M30Did Not Start
-TouringG. Houston / I. HoustonVolkswagen Rabbit0Did Not Start
-Super TouringRichard BoakeNissan Sentra0Did Not Start

1Grand TouringSasha AnisNissan 240SX27-
2Grand TouringKurt LangeveldtMazda RX-727-
3Super TouringCharles-Andre BilodeauBMW 325i27-
4Grand TouringRobert McAuley / Dave CiekiewiczBMW M326-
5Super TouringNicholas Krikorian / Nigel KrikorianAcura RSX26-
6Grand TouringJean-Marc AlcarazBMW M326-
7Super TouringC. Swinwood / P. SwinwoodBMW 32526-
8Grand TouringBob MunroBMW M326-
9Super TouringJordan MarrisonBMW M312-
10Grand TouringRay ArlauskasBMW 325is25-
11Grand TouringSean HylandFord Mustang25-
12Super TouringChristian RaymondMazda Protege25-
13Super TouringScott HallBMW 32525-
14TouringAlain LauziereMini Cooper S25-
15Super TouringStephane CarrierVolkswagen Jetta25-
16Grand TouringGabriel UrsacheSubaru Impreza STi25-
17TouringDavid DiedrickNissan Sentra25-
18Super TouringErik PetersenHonda S200024-
19Super TouringEtienne BorgeatBMW 32524-
20Grand TouringTed Rance / Michael DolanMazda RX-724-
21Super TouringJohn Lockhart / Jason SharpeSaab 93 2.0T24-
22Super TouringSam KeeHonda S200024-
23TouringAndrew BearssMercedes C230 Kompresseur24-
24TouringFrank BlanchetNissan Sentra24-
25Grand TouringAntonio BusoEagle Talon24-
26TouringRobert CalisiHonda Civic24-
27TouringKen McCartenHonda CRX23-
28TouringRoger BowesNissan Sentra23-
29TouringSteve GreinerHonda Civic23-
30TouringJesse BradburnHonda CRX22-
31Super TouringGunter Schmidt / Steve KentChevrolet Cobalt SS21-
32TouringHoward ChinVolkswagen Scirocco16Did Not Finish
33TouringJames FooteHonda Civic14Did Not Finish
34Super TouringEric LeblancSubaru WRX STI10Did Not Finish
35Grand TouringPeter KolerosBMW M36Did Not Finish
36Super TouringAllan DeWolfeBMW 3280Did Not Finish
37Super TouringClifton DaleyVolkswagen Golf0Did Not Finish
-TouringBrad Young / C. McKenzieHonda Civic0Did Not Start
-Super TouringIan MaddenVolkswagen Golf 1.8T0Did Not Start
-Grand TouringNick Majors / Tony McGrathDodge Viper27Disqualified
-Super TouringScott Nicol / P. LejbjukHonda Civic26Disqualified
-Super TouringChristian SorensonBMW 328is26Disqualified
-Grand TouringMarco CironeChevrolet Corvette Z0624Disqualified

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