The 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge series is conducted over seven weekends. Competitors score championship points in races held on Saturday and Sunday.

The season kicks off in early June with the CRDA Shootout at Shannonville Motorsport Park. Next on the schedule is the first of five visits to Mosport International Raceway. During the CASCAR Super Series weekend, this event will also feature Quebec’s FSAQ Hankook Formula Tour 1600. Two weeks later, the teams return to Mosport during the VARAC International Vintage Festival. Competitors make their final visit to Shannonville in July for the DAC weekend. This event is followed by the BARC Canadian Touring Trophy and BEMC Indian Summer race at Mosport. The season ends at the CASC-OR Celebration of Motorsport on the weekend of September 30/October 1.

The single-seater, open-wheel race cars in the championship are powered by a four-cylinder, 1600-cc Ford engine, which produces120-horsepower. A mixture of European and North American chassis is used by competitors. Two of the most successful cars are constructed in Canada – the Aero and CMV. Minimum vehicle weight is determined by the suspension design and ranges from 1050 to 1125-lbs., with the driver. Teams are required to use a spec tire (Dunlop Formula Ford treaded racing tire).

Driver’s compete in one of two classes:

  • Class A – This category is for newer chassis’ built after but not including 1984.
  • Class B – Older cars constructed between 1973 and including 1984 collect points in this group. The Swift DB1 is not eligible to compete in the category.

The final rounds of the 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge were held on the Celebration of Motorsport weekend at Mosport International Raceway. Drivers would compete in two heat races around the ten-turn 2.459-mile road course.

The first lap through Moss Corner for the final race of the 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge season. Leading the way is the pole-sitter and new series champion, Shane Jantzi, in the No. 71 Maizex Seeds sponsored Van Diemen RF98. Attempting a pass on the inside of Jantzi is the No. 79 Van Diemen RF98 of the third-fastest qualifier, Matt White. Behind the leaders are Rick Doktor, Brian Nielson, Andrew Hall and Kris Rams.
The 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge champion, Shane Jantzi, would cap his season with a victory. Jantzi qualified third for the weekend’s first contest and finished in the runner-up spot. He battled with Rick Doktor on Sunday for the top spot. On the way to the title, Jantzi racked up fourteen podiums in fourteen races, of which twelve were wins. He captured the title over Matt White by a margin of 226-points.
During the 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge season, the fight for class B honours was between Glyn Walters and Gord Lowe. In the first contest of the weekend, Walters qualified ten fastest and started on the class pole. Driving the No. 88 Reynard, he would go flag-to-flag for the victory. On Sunday, he claimed another victory. But it was ‘too little too late’ and Walters finished second in the points chase.
Rick Doktor was only one of two drivers to beat the 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge champion, Shane Jantzi, this year. Doktor recorded the fastest qualifying time for round thirteen in the No. 90 Britain West Motorsports prepared Van Diemen RF00. He was lost the lead to Shantzi but reclaimed it for the victory. Doktor started second in the finale and led four laps before finishing in the second spot.
After a season-long tussle with Glyn Walters, Gord Lowe won the Ontario Formula Ford Challenge class B championship. At the Celebration of Motorsport weekend, Lowe qualified and finished second to Walters in rounds thirteen and fourteen. During the year, Walters had a better performance record than Lowe but he failed to enter the DAC Trillium Trophy Race weekend at Shannonville and lost valuable points.
Brian Nielson entered the final weekend third in the championship. Nielson qualified second fastest for Saturday’s contest. On lap-2, he was passed by Shane Jantzi and finished third. Unfortunately, the driver fourth in points, Rick Doktor, won the race. In the finale, Neilson started fifth and captured another third-place result. But he was beaten by Doktor again and would claim fourth in the standings.
Another class B competitor was Tony Cove. He campaigned the recently restored No. 40 Ferret Mk IV. The successful Canadian built Formula Ford, of which there are four, won many championships. At the Celebration of Motorsport, Cove was no match for the other class B drivers, Gord Lowe and Glyn Walters. He qualified and finished third in class in the final two contests of the season.
The 2006 Ontario Formula Ford Challenge title also came with a special reward. As the class A champion, Shane Jantzi, earned an Indy Pro Series test with Brian Stewart Racing. The test would be held at Nashville Speedway. However, during a break in the action, Jantzi did some demonstration laps in the Dallara IPS, which is equipped with a 450-horsepower Infiniti Q45 engine.

11A-1Rick DoktorVan Diemen RF9910-
23A-2Shane JantziVan Diemen RF9810-
32A-3Brian NielsonVan Diemen RF9210-
44A-4Ian ScottVan Diemen RF9910-
58A-5Matt WhiteVan Diemen RF9810-
67A-6Kris RamsVan Diemen RF0310-
79A-7Sean CadneyVan Diemen RF9210-
86A-8Andrew HallVan Diemen RF9810-
920A-9Steve TzountzourisVan Diemen RF0010-
1012B-1Gord LoweReynard 83SF10-
1110B-2M. Glyn WaltersReynard10-
1213A-10Paul LaurenceVan Diemen RF9210-
1311A-11Michael LorraineVan Diemen RF9110-
1415B-3Bruce KitchenLola T-44010-
1522B-4Tony CoveFerret Mk IV10-
1618B-5Ross SmithReynard FF849-
1719B-6Brian EvansLola T-4409-
1821A-12Benny CannellaVan Diemen RF869-
195A-13Michael DoddVan Diemen RF949-
2016B-7Christine MourauxCrossle 35F8-
2114A-14Dan PurdyVan Diemen RF917-
2217A-15Andrew MasonVan Diemen RF906-

11A-1Shane JantziVan Diemen RF9815-
22A-2Rick DoktorVan Diemen RF9915-
36A-3Brian NielsonVan Diemen RF9215-
415A-4Ian ScottVan Diemen RF9915-
53A-5Andrew HallVan Diemen RF9815-
67A-6Kris RamsVan Diemen RF0315-
75A-7Michael DoddVan Diemen RF9415-
88A-8Sean CadneyVan Diemen RF9215-
99B-1M. Glyn WaltersReynard15-
1011B-2Gord LoweReynard 83SF15-
1113B-3Tony CoveFerret Mk IV14-
1210A-9Steve TzountzourisVan Diemen RF0014-
1312B-4Ross SmithReynard FF8414-
1417A-10Bruce KitchenLola T-44014-
1514B-5Brian EvansLola T-44014-
164A-11Matt WhiteVan Diemen RF9813-
1716A-12Benny CannellaVan Diemen RF8613-
--APaul LaurenceVan Diemen RF92-Did Not Start
--ADan PurdyVan Diemen RF91-Did Not Start
--AAndrew MasonVan Diemen RF90-Did Not Start
--AMichael LorraineVan Diemen RF91-Did Not Start
--BChristine MourauxCrossle 35F-Did Not Start

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