Despite declining entries for the Canada GT Challenge Cup and the series demise in 2002, there was still a demand for this format of racing among closed wheel competitors in the Canadian Automobile Sport Club Ontario Region (CASC-OR). The Touring GT Championship filled this vacancy.

Teams competed in one of two categories. Last season’s Touring SGT class was eliminated for 2004. The colour of the windshield banner identifies the groups.

  • Touring GT – Blue – This class is home to vehicles with V8 or six-cylinder engines and cars with forced induction systems.
  • Touring T – Yellow - Vehicles commonly found in this category include the Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Volkswagen Rabbit, Acura Integra, etc. Engine displacement is limited to 2.8-liters.

Both classes compete on Toyo Proxes RA-1 tires.

The Touring GT Championship events are conducted on nine CASC-OR race weekends. On Saturdays, teams compete in a twenty-minute sprint event and the following day a longer forty-minute race is contested. The Championship has also been invited to participate in three professional weekends at Mosport International Raceway – Victoria Day, CASCAR Super Series and American Le Mans Series. At these events, drivers compete in a one-hour endurance race with a mandatory pit-stop.

All one-hour races require a mandatory one-minute pit-stop. For teams that use two drivers, one-minute is sufficient time to make the change. Competitors driving solo can remain in the car during the stop. Re-fueling is not allowed.

In addition to the Drivers’ Championship, there are awards given for:

  • Rookie of the Year
  • Most Improved Driver
  • Most Professional Team
  • Crew Chief of the Year
  • Masters Champion
  • Hard Charger

The second round of the Ontario Touring GT Championship was held on the weekend of May 15-16 during the British Empire Motor Club’s Spring Trophy Races. Teams would compete in two events – a twenty-minute race on Saturday and a forty-minute contest to end the weekend.

Last season, Allan DeWolfe competed in the Touring SGT category and finished in the runner-up position. With the elimination of that class for 2004, he converted No. 31 Eurotec BMW 325i to Touring GT specifications. DeWolfe did not do well in the first outing at the BARC Grand Prix of Ontario. However, in round two, he earned a second-place and victory when Michael Boekdrukker was disqualified.
Michael Thornley finished second in the Touring T class last season, driving an older Acura Integra Type R. For 2004, he campaigned a newer model that was delivering the results required for this year’s title. In the first race of the weekend, Thornley qualified fourth overall and second in class. He claimed the victory after his main rival, John Dipchand, was disqualified. In the finale, it was a sweep for Thornley.
A newcomer to the Touring GT Championship was Robert Gay. Gay was driving the No. 298 BMW E36. He had a successful first weekend in the series and scored enough points to enter round two, second in the Touring GT standings. In race one of the BEMC event, Gay qualified fifth fastest and finished third in class. On Sunday, he started fourth and benefitted from the disqualification of Michael Boekdrukker to finish second.
Last year’s Touring T class champion, Ian Madden, returned to defend his title. Madden drives the No. 126 Metric Racing prepared Volkswagen Golf. In the first heat, he qualified seventh overall and fourth in class. Madden finished second in his category after Nicholas Krikorian retired and John Dipchand was disqualified. On Sunday, Madden scored another runner-up result after starting second in Touring T.
Ian Law entered the BEMC Spring Trophy Races event seventh in the Touring T standings. In round two, Law had a productive point-scoring event. For Saturday’s contest, he qualified thirteenth overall and seventh in class driving the No. 117 Honda Civic. During the race, Law moved up the order and finished third in his category. He repeated this performance the next day, but from the sixth starting spot.
Michael Boekdrukker had a difficult start to the season. After tallying the points from BARC Grand Prix of Ontario, Boekdrukker was fifth in the Touring GT standings. With the No. 167 BENQ sponsored BMW M3 fully sorted for round two, he appeared to be unstoppable. Boekdrukker started the weekend’s first race on the pole and led flag-to-flag. He repeated his performance on Sunday but was later disqualified.

11Touring GTMike BoekdrukkerBMW M313
22Touring GTAllan DeWolfeBMW 32513
34Touring TMichael ThornleyAcura Integra Type R13
45Touring GTRobert GayBMW E3613
57Touring TIan MaddenVolkswagen Golf12
613Touring TIan LawHonda Civic12
717Touring TJeff LorrimanHyundai Tiburon12
816Touring TCliff DaleyVolkswagen Jetta12
919Touring TTom CaluzicHonda Del Sol12
1020Touring TJohn BondarAcura Integra12
1118Touring GTG. Brown / P. DurdaNissan NX2000 Turbo12
1221Touring GTShaun DeJagerEagle Talon12
1315Touring TSteve ArlauskasBMW 2002ti12
1423Touring TJeff HolmesNissan Sentra12
1522Touring TTerry MuellerNissan Sentra12
1624Touring TPerry IannuzziNissan Sentra12
1725Touring THans WolterNissan Sentra12
189Touring GTAlan JonesToyota Supra11
1912Touring TNick MajorsNissan Sentra9
2011Touring TNigel KrikorianHonda Prelude8
Did Not Finish26Touring TStephany MalankaDatsun 5105
Did Not Finish6Touring TNicholas KrikorianHonda Prelude0
Did Not Finish14Touring TG. Schmidt / R. SmithVolkswagen Jetta0
Did Not Start10Touring GTRay ArlauskasBMW E30-
Did Not Start8Touring THoward ChinVolkswagen Rabbit-
Disqualified3Touring TJohn DipchandFord Contour13

12Touring GTAllan DeWolfeBMW 32526
23Touring TMichael ThornleyAcura Integra Type R25
34Touring GTRobert GayBMW E3625
45Touring TIan MaddenVolkswagen Golf25
56Touring TIan LawHonda Civic24
67Touring TJeff LorrimanHyundai Tiburon24
724Touring GTRay ArlauskasBMW E3024
89Touring TTom CaluzicHonda Del Sol23
913Touring TSteve ArlauskasBMW 2002ti23
1015Touring TTerry MuellerNissan Sentra23
1116Touring TPerry IannuzziNissan Sentra23
1210Touring TJohn BondarAcura Integra23
1317Touring THans WolterNissan Sentra23
1414Touring TJeff HolmesNissan Sentra12
1519Touring TNick MajorsNissan Sentra22
1625Touring THoward ChinVolkswagen Rabbit17
Did Not Finish12Touring GTShaun DeJagerEagle Talon12
Did Not Finish8Touring TCliff DaleyVolkswagen Jetta8
Did Not Finish21Touring TStephany MalankaDatsun 5107
Did Not Start11Touring GTG. Brown / P. DurdaNissan NX2000 Turbo-
Did Not Start18Touring GTAlan JonesToyota Supra-
Did Not Start20Touring TNigel KrikorianHonda Prelude-
Did Not Start22Touring TNicholas KrikorianHonda Prelude-
Did Not Start23Touring TGunter SchmidtVolkswagen Jetta-
Disqualified1Touring GTMike BoekdrukkerBMW M326

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