The Canadian Race Drivers Association hosted the third weekend of road racing of the 2002 Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs – Ontario Region calendar. The event called the CRDA Shootout was held at Shannonville Motorsport Park on June 1 & 2.

In Ontario, amateur competitors race at Mosport International Raceway and Shannonville Motorsport Park to earn points towards the regional titles. Championships are contested in the following categories:

  • Grand Touring Category – This category is split into two major divisions GTA-D and Ontario Challenge Cup (OCC) GT1-3. All the cars competing in the Grand Touring classes are prepared to similar rules. These vehicles are also grouped according to their performance (based on the bracket that a car/driver combination performs). The quickest class, GTA and OCC GT1 feature cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette, while at the other end of the spectrum, GTD and OCC GT3 include vehicles such as the Honda Civic and Volkswagen Rabbit. Some of these cars may be constructed with a tube-frame chassis. The GTA-D class races in shorter sprint contests while the OCC GT1-3 competitors compete in one-hour long races.
  • Action Front Showroom Stock Championship – This category is for identically prepared Nissan Sentras. The cars are relatively unchanged from their road going versions – modifications were mandated primarily for safety – roll cages, window nets, etc.
  • Sports Racer Category – These are purpose-built closed wheel race cars. The class includes a variety of chassis’ which may be constructed by a competitor or a race car manufacturer. There is also a wide range of engine options used by the teams.
  • Formula Category – These are also purpose-built race cars. This is the largest category and includes six classes:
    • Formula 1200 (uses Volkswagen components and is powered by 1200-cc air-cooled engine)
    • Formula Vee 1600 (also utilizes Volkswagen parts but is powered by a 1600-cc air-cooled motor)
    • Formula Ford A and B (use the four-cylinder 1600-cc Ford motor with older chassis’ competing in the B category)
    • Formula 2000 (these winged vehicles utilizes a 2.0-liter Ford four-cylinder power-plant)
    • Formula 4 (another winged class with the most liberal rules)
  • There are a variety of regulations that govern these open-wheel cars.

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