The 2000 US F2000 National Championship, sanctioned by the United States Auto Club and the Sports Car Club of America – Pro Racing, is an open-wheel series for Formula 2000 race cars. The presenting sponsor is Speedvision. The series also receives generous support from the Ford Motor Company, Yokohama Tires, Sunoco Racing Fuels and Racing Electronics.

The championship consists of thirteen races and is contested on road courses and ovals. The season begins in March on the oval at Phoenix International Raceway. Next on the calendar is a road course double-header in Canada at Mosport International Raceway. Then the series travels to Indianapolis Raceway Park for another oval event. Rounds five and six are conducted on Road America. It is back to Canada to visit the temporary circuit at Trois-Rivieres at the end of July, followed a week later for a second visit to Mosport International Raceway. Watkins Glen International hosts race nine and ten. The penultimate round sees teams return to Indianapolis Raceway Park, with the final weekend of competition taking place at Road Atlanta.

The cars competing in the series are single-seat, rear-engine, open-wheel vehicles constructed with a tube frame chassis. Manufacturers producing series chassis include Carbir, Mygale, Tatuus, Vector and the most common choice, Van Diemen. These 1,190-lbs formula cars are powered by a 2.0-liter Ford NEA engine fitted with a single Weber DGV carburetor. At 6,200-rpm, the motors produce approximately 150-horsepower. The suspensions are independent – both front and rear. Shock absorbers and sway bars are adjustable. The cars compete on a spec tire from Yokohama and use a spec fuel provided by Sunoco.

Drivers compete in one of two classes:

  • F2A – This category is for newer cars. Competitors score points on the road courses and ovals to secure the National Championship. There is also the Road to Indy Oval Crown for the driver who performs the best in the oval events.
  • ACC – The American Continental Championship is for cars built from 1990 to 1999. Drivers in this division score points on the road courses. This class was introduced to provide an economical means for drivers and teams to enter the series.

Titles are also on the line for Chassis Manufacturers, Engine Builders and Prep Shops.

Rounds nine and ten of the 2000 US F2000 National Championship were held at Watkins Glen International in conjunction with the Grand-Am series. Drivers would compete in two fourteen lap contests around the eleven-turn 3.337-mile road course.

The starting grid for Sunday’s race US F2000 National Championship at Watkins Glen International. For the fourth time, this season is the No. 32 Van Diemen of Aaron Justus was on the pole. Sharing the front row and making his second series start of 2000 is Mike Andersen in the No. 11 Van Diemen. Behind the two fastest qualifiers are the third and fourth place starters Marc-Antoine Camirand and Memo Rojas.
The only high point for the rookie, Peter Walsh, since rounds two and three at Mosport, where he scored a victory and runner-up finish was a third-place result at Trois-Rivieres. In races nine and ten of the season, Walsh was back on form. On Saturday, he was gridded fifth for the start but moved into first on the opening lap and held the position until the checker. In the finale, he finished in the runner-up spot.
In race one at Watkins Glen International, Ian Lacy qualified fourth in the No. 6 Van Diemen but lost two places on the opening lap. Lacy regained the spots and chased Peter Walsh, Aaron Justus and Marc-Antoine Camirand. He moved by Camirand and when Justus crashed on lap-11, Lacy inherited a runner-up finish. On Sunday, he started in the fourth position and finished sixth.
Winning the American Continental Championship on Saturday at Watkins Glen International was Mike Durand. Durand qualified and finished ninth overall on the way to the class victory. The following day, the driver of the No. 71 sponsored Van Diemen was gridded seventeenth and finished in the fifteenth position with gave him second place in the American Continental Championship division.
After qualifying on the pole for round nine, the points leader, Aaron Justus, had good reason to be optimistic. On the opening lap, the driver of the No. 32 Forsythe Racing Van Diemen lost the top spot. But things went from ‘bad to worse’ when Justus crashed on the eleventh circuit and was classified with a twenty-second-place result. On Sunday at Watkins Glen International, he redeemed himself with a flag-to-flag victory.
The 1999 SCCA Formula Continental National Champion, Mike Andersen, made his 2000 series debut in rounds nine and ten. In qualifying, Andersen surprised the regulars by recording the second-fastest time in the qualifying session. Unfortunately, the No. 11 Van Diemen driver fell out of contention and finished a distant seventh. On Sunday, Andersen fared much better and captured the final spot on the podium.
Entering the Watkins Glen weekend, Tom Dyer had four American Continental Championship victories in the No. 2 Cycle Shack / Bell Helmets sponsored Carbir. Dyer was not a factor in Saturday’s contest after being eliminated on lap-6 after contact with James Eaton. The following day, he was gridded twelfth overall and won his division by a comfortable margin of 10.13-seconds.
After a terrific battle with Ian Lacy and Aaron Justus, Canadian Marc-Antoine Camirand captured the final podium position in race one at Watkins Glen International. In the finale, Camirand’s No. 96 Key Motorsports Van Diemen was gridded in the third spot. On the twelfth circuit, Camirand crashed in corner eight and retired. He was classified with a thirty-place finish but recorded the fastest lap of the race.
The round ten podium for the 2000 US F2000 National Championship at Watkins Glen International. From left to right is the American Continental Championship class winner, Tom Dyer. Beside Dyer is the overall and victor of the National category, Aaron Justus. Next is the runner-up from Ireland, Peter Walsh. And the final position on the rostrum is occupied by the third-place finisher, Mike Andersen.

15F2APeter WalshKey Motorsport/Van Diemen14-
24F2AIan Diemen14-
33F2AMarc-Antoine CamirandKey Motorsport/Van Diemen14-
413F2AJames HansonDuPont/Van Diemen14-
56F2ADaniel MunizTexacoHavlineRcg/FujiFillm/Van Diemen14-
67F2AMemo Rojas JrTelMex/Van Diemen14-
72F2AMike AndersenValvoline/Pi Research/Van Diemen 14-
815F2AArnold BrinkmannH2OLA/Fruit/Van Diemen14-
99ACCMike DurandKart Sports/Van Diemen14-
108F2AArie Luyendyk JrLuyendyk Racing/Van Diemen14-
1134F2APiero RodarteTelMex/Sico/Yumuri/Elf/Van Diemen14-
1212F2AJeff Diemen14-
1327ACCNick FanelliFanelli Motorsports/Van Diemen14-
1426ACCCliff Pickett JrHeritage Motorsports/Van Diemen14-
1529F2ANiki FleuryTBD/Van Diemen14-
1624ACCRichard ZoberZober Industries Incl./Van Diemen14-
1732ACCPaul LaskoTCR/RacingforKids/Triumph/Van Diemen14-
1828F2ATommy Diemen14-
1933ACCMike Scanlan1-800-PART-STOP/Valvoline/Van Diemen14-
2023F2AAndrew DavisTechnical Sales Associates/Van Diemen13Off Course
2122ACCGeorges ForgeoisCafe Noir/Jules/Van Diemen13-
221F2AAaron JustusForsythe/Indeck/Torco/Van Diemen10Contact
2310F2AAndy LallyCafe Noir/T-One/Oberto Jerky/Van Diemen10Mechanical
2425ACCChris BurkeTaylor Rental/Valvoline/Van Diemen10Mechanical
2521ACCTom Sabiel JrWurth/CalCustomCrafts/BodyWks/Van Diemen10Mechanical
2622F2ACarl RussoTBD/Van Diemen9Contact
2730ACCAdam SodanoF1 Boston/Outsource/EpicTech/Van Diemen9Contact
2811ACCTom DyerCycleShack/BelHelmets/Paladin/Carbir6Contact
2918F2AJames EatonPrimus Racing/Van Diemen6Contact
3017F2AGuy CosmoKC Technical Services/JWR/Carbir4Mechanical
3214F2AHarold PrimatPrimland Resort/Van Diemen0Contact
3316ACCGreg SchingsValvoline/Valco/SR Racing/Van Diemen0Contact
3419F2ABilly AsaroForsythe/InDeck Racing/Van Diemen0Did Not Start

11F2AAaron JustusForsythe/Indeck/Torco/Van Diemen14-
25F2APeter WalshKey Motorsport/Van Diemen14-
32F2AMike AndersenValvoline/Pi Research/Van Diemen 14-
46F2AIan Diemen14-
513F2AJames HansonDuPont/Van Diemen14-
64F2AMemo Rojas JrTelMex/Van Diemen14-
77F2ADaniel MunizTexacoHavlineRcg/FujiFillm/Van Diemen14-
89F2AArnold BrinkmannH2OLA/Fruit/Van Diemen14-
911F2AHarold PrimatPrimland Resort/Van Diemen14-
1010F2AJeff Diemen14-
1112ACCTom DyerCycleShack/BelHelmets/Paladin/Carbir14-
128F2AArie Luyendyk JrLuyendyk Racing/Van Diemen14-
1316F2AAndy LallyCafe Noir/T-One/Oberto Jerky/Van Diemen14-
1418F2APiero RodarteTelMex/Sico/Yumuri/Elf/Van Diemen14-
1517ACCMike DurandKart Sports/Van Diemen14-
1614F2AAndrew DavisTechnical Sales Associates/Van Diemen14-
1720ACCGeorges ForgeoisCafe Noir/Jules/Van Diemen14-
1821ACCGreg SchingsValvoline/Valco/SR Racing/Van Diemen14-
1919F2AGuy CosmoKC Technical Services/JWR/Carbir14-
2023F2AJames EatonPrimus Racing/Van Diemen14-
2122F2ACarl RussoTBD/Van Diemen14-
2225F2ANiki FleuryTBD/Van Diemen14-
2330ACCAdam SodanoF1 Boston/Outsource/EpicTech/Van Diemen14-
2426ACCNick FanelliFanelli Motorsports/Van Diemen14-
2529ACCRichard ZoberZober Industries Incl./Van Diemen14-
2628ACCTom Sabiel JrWurth/CalCustomCrafts/BodyWks/Van Diemen14-
2733ACCPaul LaskoTCR/RacingforKids/Triumph/Van Diemen14-
2934ACCMike Scanlan1-800-PART-STOP/Valvoline/Van Diemen13-
303F2AMarc-Antoine CamirandKey Motorsport/Van Diemen12Spin
3127ACCCliff Pickett JrHeritage Motorsports/Van Diemen10Off Course
3224F2ATommy Diemen8Mechanical
3332ACCChris BurkeTaylor Rental/Valvoline/Van Diemen7Mechanical
3415F2ABilly AsaroForsythe/InDeck Racing/Van Diemen0Did Not Start

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